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Cody Spencer


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Anyone else find this dude hilarious?

I forgot at which point in the game it was, but he was near the mic and got overly excited when he made a play.

Certainly nothing funny about hitting the ball into the endzone last week though.

IIRC, it was the tackle on special teams that we all thought was going to be called a horsecollar (myself included).

PS - I practically lost my voice yelling at that doosh at the game last week after that bonehead play,

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It was a great play he made running down a fast returner, and it wasn't close to a horsecollar. Can't blame the guy for being excited.

Last week's play was terrible, but this week he was playing well on Special teams.

I just have a feeling this guy is a little on the slow side. He's very entertaining to watch, though.

Maybe you're right.

Round 6, Pick 182: ILB Cody Spencer, North Texas

Height: 6'2

Weight: 242

Hometown: Grapevine, TX

The skinny: Three-year starter at North Texas who began career as an outside linebacker, but soon moved inside. Finished with 297 tackles for his career. Is quick to read and react to the ball, and has great hands - he also spent time as a fullback. In 2000, as a senior in high school, the Grapevine Independent School District eliminated the letter grade "D" in order to give Spencer a chance to get a Division I scholarship.


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