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Brett Favre IS Chad Pennington

The Incredible BULK

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Call Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

The JETS uniform has transformed Brett in to Chad.

Brett is throwing pick 6's, dinking, dunking and sometimes I have to look at my HD TV real close to make sure that Brett Favre is really under the mask.

I'll bet the PATS would love to have CHAD about right now.

Either I'm going COO COO for Cocoa puffs or I'm getting old.

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The difference is that Brett Favre can have a game like the Bengals game throwing

3 interceptions having a bad game and STILL get the team up and down the field

to score 28+ points AND win the game...and Chad Pennington can have 10

statistically great games in a row and lose every one of them. It's best to utilize

BF like they did against the Bills. The only thing lacking is a real deep threat receiver.

It seems like the only time a guy is open way down field it's when a defender either

falls down or blows the coverage completely...otherwise they're almost always covered tight down the field. The Jets need a really fast receiver to put a topping on this offense.

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Uh, the defense had a little something to do with that victory too. We had interceptions, Porter had 4 sacks and we held them to 13 points. Ronnie's 5 TD's didn't hurt, but he wasn't the main reason.

Your D was very good that game, yes. You know what I was getting at, Chad had very little impact over beating NE this year.

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