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****The OFFICIAL Monday Night Football Pittsburgh @ Washington Thread****


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You ain't sleeping again tonight dude.


Said the guy who's a human tailgate party always lookin' for a parking lot. LOL

Yeah youre right though, i've lost alot of sleep this season so far but i'm havin' fun buddy! BTW, pm me your secret for football fan stamina. I'm kinda wearin' down. I would hope you ain't juicin' it ??? :rl:

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Pittsburgh is clearly the best AFC team. I don't see the Titans playing the NFC East.

I'm not buying into that yet. Yeah, Steelers defense may be the best unit in the game but Steelers offense is damn near horrible at times. They gotta get the ship righted and soon.

Besides, i've seen too many seasons where my team looks uber impressive all season only to lose in the playoffs as a big favorite. They gotta prove it to me before i buy into the hype anymore.

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