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Jets will spank Titans


Jets beat Titans??  

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  1. 1. Jets beat Titans??

    • yep
    • whatever,no way..

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Okay, if you guys want to be smartasses, I can be it right back. WE cannot talk about such games because WE do not know what the players are going to do on the field the next two games and WE do know if injuries will occur. :hand:

But we can have threads that predict the rest of the season?

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I think we're all still a little bit overconfident after that win in Buffalo. That was definitely a good win, but don't forget that the Jets lost to Oakland (ew) and barely got past KC.

I'll worry about Tennessee in a few weeks. For now, we've got a rejuvenated St. Louis team coming to town.

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I think the stars are aligned to beat the Titans.

Next week:

Not only do we face the Rams, a team with a shaky defense, a fragile QB, built upon their running game; which is a mismatch with Jackson's hammy injury and our run defense.

But, the Pats play the Bills who look to have Aaron Schobel, Josh Reed and a healthier Terrance McGee.

The week after:

The Jets play the Pats on a thursday. All things considered, I think our team gets less of a beating and goes into Foxborough with fewer bruises than the hosting home team.

Titans game:

We then play Tennessee after getting 10-days to rest, recoup, and gameplan for what looks to be the hardest game of our season.

Contrastly, the Titans travel to Chicago then host the Jaguars before playing us.

Playing Chicago and Jaxonville, followed by a Jets team that gets a 1/2 week resting advantage stacks the odds in our favor; I think they're in for a whoopin'.

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I know the run defense has been stellar, but Chris Johnson still scares me. He's just been phenomenal this season and is one of those guys who can really just do it all. Furthermore, he's the kind of player that has historically given the Jets fits. And given some of the issues the Jets have had on certain plays, even if they can contain him on standard runs, I'm still worried about what he can do with the ball in the short passing game.

Plus lets not forget, the Jets will need to do some scoring of their own against TN defense. That's certainly no easy task. And since this is the Jets, we all know JMac will probably have 200 yards and 3 TDs on the game.

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Your offense vs. their defense should be fun to watch (unless you're a Jets fan.) Brett Favre is the king of turnovers and the Titans are great at creating turnovers. So can someone explain how this is a great match up?

I don't think they can except for the fact that Tennessee runs the ball to make their offense move and the Jets are good at stoping the run. Some logic

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