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Beat NE and tie breakers can lean our way.


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first tiebreaker within a division is head to head. if we beat new england we split, and then we beat buffalo so we sweep them. the next tiebreaker with the pats would be division record. they already have 1 loss, so by beating them they have a minimum of 2 division losses. then if we dont lose another division game we get the tiebreaker if both teams end with the same record.

Basically what i'm saying is as long as we win the rest of the division games and stay tied with the pats, and or buffalo the jets will get the first place spot.

Now I see why buffalo is in a tough spot starting 0-2 in the division.

also if buffalo beats the pats then they each have 2 divison losses so then if we beat both of them we have a 2 game division lead on each, which means blowing a game against miami may not hurt us that much(as long as they dont sneak up on us by then) so even if the pats win, we have a great cushion on buffalo(in the division record) and then its up to us to get a cushion on the division record on the pats. The way I see it is miami could be our competition come weeks 15-17.

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