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Rams have their backs to the wall

Kentucky Jet

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By Jim Thomas



Rams coach Jim Haslett is taking a "show-me" approach to Steven Jackson's availability for Sunday's game against the New York Jets. Unless Jackson shows he can perform full speed for an entire practice sometime this week, Jackson will not play.

"Steven's got to give us a full day's work this week," Haslett said Monday. "We can't go into the game not knowing whether he can play or not. So we just decided that we're going to make sure that he can actually go in practice, and not just jog through."

After a practice week in which Jackson got limited work during team periods, the Rams thought Jackson was ready to play against Arizona. MORE RAMS

"We worked him out (in pregame) Sunday and he said he felt good," Haslett said.

When the Rams' offense trotted out for their first series of the day Sunday, Jackson was in the huddle. But before the Rams broke the huddle for their first play, Antonio Pittman had replaced Jackson. What happened?

With his strained right thigh muscle not 100 percent, Jackson said he wasn't comfortable running the play once he heard the call.

"The play call was really more of an outside play, a cutback play," Haslett said. "He didn't think he was ready for that play. ... It kind of caught everybody off guard."

That set off alarm bells on the Rams' sideline, and things got worse from there. Much worse. On his first carry of the game

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I want jackson to play, so the jets run defense can have that we are for real game

+ 1

I love when the Jets shutdown great runners...probably because it rarely happens, but boy is it fun when it does.

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You know what would suck though? If they DIDN'T shut down the great runner and lsoe the game because of it.

All I care about is the W, this is a trap game and I really would rather not face Steven Jackson.

I also feel it is a trap game. I think we can shut any runner down KRIS JENKINS is that good! We must have a great game plan on both offense and defense. Crush the Rams and go into NE 6 and 3.

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