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As most of you know, i have been selling jerseys on this site. For those of you interested in some, i am placing an order for sundays game.. any last second ones?

i will have favre on sunday.. i can also get thomas jones..

stillerpaul, i ordered yours..

patriotssuck17, yours are on hold

124- meeting you sunday

anyone else? any team, most players..

photobucket for pictures- http://s371.photobucket.com/albums/oo158/JerseyGuys/


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im not sure, its doubtful the person i know is gettin them from nflshop or anything.. thats pretty much theonly explanation i am getting

oh I thought they were made by your friend or something. thats why i was just confused with why some players cant be sold.

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hey man, thats cool.. im talking quality tho.. you can get jerseys for 40 bucks on ebay, but they arent the same quality.. you have made this argument before, i dont mind if ppl dont want to buy them, but at the same time, its a good product. you can drive a ford POS and a mercedes, both get you to the same places.. some rather the ford, some rather the mercedes.. and yes, im callin the jerseys i have the mercedes..

here is ur ford


here is the mercedes


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You ARE one Rude Dude I'll say that. Either start your own thread or MYOB. Can't believe you had the ***** to even provide links. WTF ?

Because I offered other fellow NYJETS fans options im a rude dude..Hey dude KMA and STFU.With the economy being so bad if I could help a brother NYJETS fan into a jersey they could afford or provide an X-Mas present for a loved one so be it.

I am not selling or know anyone in the links I provided.

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ignore 5180 he is probably the worst poster on this board. he would be banned if BP didn't enjoy watching him get abused so much.

Arsis coming from you I will excuse your ignorance and idiocy. Anytime you would like to discuss this further please feel free to PM me.Or we could meet at the stadium prior to any game of your choice.

I figured a discounted jersey would benefit a cellar dweller like yourself.............:rl:

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