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What NFL players / coaches / former players dressed up as


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Mike Singletary: Charles Haley

Tony Romo: Pinky

Jessica Simpson: The Brain

Hines Ward: Kung Fu Panda

Terrell Suggs: Boba Fett

Ed Hochuli: Sarah Palin

Jim Zorn: Ned Flanders

Brett and Deanna Favre: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

Jason Elam: A crime-fighting linebacker with Jesus in his heart

Chad Ochocinco: Chad Johnson (the one who used to be a good football player)

Mike Holmgren: blackface Romeo Crennel

Romeo Crennel: A boulder

Kellen Winslow: Tanaka from Major League II

Chris Mortensen: Jay Glazer

Peyton Manning: Frankenstein

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Would LaMont Jordan gone as an NFL starting running back? :)

I don't know. He ran over the Jets enough in September that you looked like you wanted to kill puppies in the parking lot. And now he's injured. He can kiss my ass - who cares.

At least that infinitely overrated, selfish/me-first douche Martin is off our salary cap. ;)

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