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Jets-Rams score


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There is no way this game should be close. The Rams are playing better, but they wont have their main offensive weapon Steven Jackson. Even if they did the Jets improved run D would shut him down. That leaves Bulger to win the game by himself. Their Oline cant protect him. I dont see how, other than special teams they score a touchdown.

Defensively, they play the pass pretty well, but will fold if Mangini uses Jones and Washington wisely. The Rams run D is terrible.


Jets -- 35

Rams -- 6

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It has been 25 years since the last time the Jets beat the Rams. That streak ends on Sunday.

Jets 28

Rams 24

I was at a game at Shea when the Jets beat Rams. (mid 80's?) I remember Gastineau did his dance after a sack and Jackie Slater didnt like it and started a fight with him, ripped his helmet off if I remember correctly.

I think the QBs were Todd and Ferragamo or maybe Everret.

Jets win this Sunday in OT.

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These Rams fans arn't the most positive people... :bag:

Taken from The Orginal Herd (Rams Forum)

"Jets 44- Rams 3 - Its going to be ugly"

"Jets 35 Rams 10" <---- (3 Rams fans agreed with him)

From Clan Ram (Rams Forum)

"Rams 6 Jets 34"

"Rams 13 Jets 27"

"We might lose this one by 3 scores. "

"Rams 10 Jets 27

Favre is going to pick us apart and Thomas Jones is going to have a field day."


I got a chuckle out of this one... :happy0071:

"Rams 43

Jets 42

High scoring game here. "


I don't want to sound overconfident but this one is locked up. :box:

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