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Nugent And Harris Thursday Update


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Harris back on his feet after, well, you know...

November 6, 2008

There was a David Harris sighting today in "The Park." The inside linebacker was spotted walking with trainer John Mellody in a hallway at the Jets' facility. He was moving pretty well for a guy who just had groin surgery - it pains me just to type that - but, of course, taking a midday stroll is a lot different than playing in a game. As I reported yesterday, Harris is expected to miss 2-3 weeks.

Eric Mangini refused to confirm that Harris underwent surgery. Weird business, the NFL. It reminded me of an Erik Coleman situation from a couple of years ago. Several outlets reported that he was out after having an appendectomy, but Mangini wouldn't confirm it, calling it an "illness." Whatever. All I know is, the Jets won't have the best inside linebacker for at least three games - Rams, at Patriots, at Titans.

David Bowens is an adequate replacement, especially in the running game, but he could be exploited in the passing game. Covering in space isn't his forte. You can bet the Patriots, who like to throw to their backs, will go after him.

Anyway, other news and notes:

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The thought of Cimini commuting to NJ to watch 40 minutes of punting practice cracks me up. If they move to NJ, I am done covering the team. I forgot the exact quote.

Oh well. Brett Favre does change things. No beat reporter is going to pass on covering Brett and the Jets at this point.

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