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Will Mangini overthink this gameplan too?


Will Mangini overthink the gameplan  

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  1. 1. Will Mangini overthink the gameplan

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St.Louis' secondary is in much worse shape than Buffalo's and they are much more aggressive than the Bills. If the coaching staff doesn't take advantage of this they will be sorry. This is a game, like the Cardinal game, where you just let Brett go back there and sling it 20, 30, 40, 50 yards down the field. You will make big passing plays against the Rams defense.

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I dont think it is so much a problem of poor game planning but is his inability to make proper adjustments during a game.

There are probably at least a dozen coaches in the league that will outcoach Mangini on game day.

Maybe he will get better at this as time goes on?

FWIW, I dont think Hasslett is any better than Mangini so that should help us.

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I predict we come out running, TJ ends the first quarter with 10 yards and this board explodes with people complaining that we now have Favre and should be using him.


we come out throwing, Favre gets a pick for six and this board explodes with people saying Favre is done.

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Hopefully we come out with a balanced attack, see what works, and go with it. Our running game is working well lately and I want to see both Leon and TJ get carries, along with some Brad Smith action in there too. There's been too much shotgun IMO. I know Brett likes to spread it out but if we had smart coaches like we are supposed to have, I would like to see us confuse the Rams D a bit, catch them off guard. It's no fun if they know we are passing. Also, for confidence to go up against NE I would like us to finish atleast 10 points ahead of them. Usually when we are a score or so ahead, the D lets up and they catch up. I'd like to see that corrected this week.

Hopefully this is the week where we see that killer instinct. Put this game away early and keep it that way.

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