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Strong Safety Opinions


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I look at the guys on Defense(with Harris Back) and I see a run stuffing front seven, feels good to say that. I see a shutdown guy and a rookie prodigy on the corners with 3 very servicable dimebacks. a probowl, FS,

where's our Victor Green? Better even, a ball hawk, punishing, fast steam engine out there.


1. are we cool with smith?, he can hit at times, but very slow to help.This is a defense that needs greatness at 11 places.

2.Elam's been great, fast, greeat to get to the ball and even able to take it home. Can he bruise? Is he menacing? I like him. I'd have him hitting the tackling dummy for hours. lol

3. Is there a "real" trade proposition out there?,(for you who are very knowledgable about the league).Are any crappy teamswilling to let a very good SS go?We have good prospects to spare.(plenty of names come to mind, that i would up for a top tier SS.

Just curious!

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I don't know if I would call Lowery a prodigy. He had a very nice game against the Fish, and seems to have slid back a bit since then.

Teams are isolating him, and exploiting him. I think he will be a pretty good CB with time, but he isn't there yet, and was benched last week.

Elam is already a tackler. That is his big upside. His weakness, as we saw in the 92 yard TD is his speed, same as Lowery

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