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Negotiating with a car dealer...


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Tell him you've been talking to another dealer and you're not sure you're interested in his deal, anymore. They hate to see you walk. If they think you're serious, they'll cave,

They'll just get it from you some other way.

Maybe Thor will pop in. He's my go-to guy for questions about donuts, personal lubricants and used cars.

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How is your credit? The only reason why they would care how much you put down is because the bank won't approve the full amount of the loan.

In other words... the bank will loan MAX 110-120% of the book value on the car...

Lets say you bought a car for $12,000

The book value is most likely about $10,000

Add in sales tax, doc fees, reg fees, ect ect

Your way over the allowance that the bank will go... so they are most likely saying you need to put more money down to get there...

Now of course in some cases the dealer can discount the car to make up the difference, in which case playing hardball will help you... but sometimes the bank ONLY wants the difference to be in CASH down... so you are not just "renting" a car from them... you need to invest in it...

If you want, give me some more details about it and I will try to help you.

On a side note...the dealership actually will make MORE money if you put less down, you are financing more... so they wouldnt just ask for more money down to have fun with you... lol

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Yeah, whatever you do, don't call back until tomorrow.

That doesnt help, ESPECIALLY if this is a bank approval issue... the deal will get pushed to the side and they will assume he is an ******* who doesnt really want the car.

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