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Could potentially be one of the best Sundays ever...


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A JETS and GIANTS fan from Maine... Im sure your also a Pats fan under a different alias.. and so on... nothing better to do up there huh?

you are a joke sir, i won't even respond to that accusation. get some pubic hair and then come back here.

btw i'm originally from CT

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Ugh..so let me get this straight. How is it possible to be fans of two NFL teams?

How long have you been a fan of both?

It is not unusual for someone to be a fan of one NFL team and then have a second favorite team in the other conference. My dad's favorite team is the Giants and second favorite team is the Jets. My favorite team is the Patriots and second favorite team is the Saints. When you figure they play each other only about once every 4 years unless both go to the SB it really is not an issue at all.

I also know people who have a favorite team in the AL and one in the NL.

You can't be a fan of the Bills and Dolphins at the same time, but Jets and Giants, why not?

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