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My favorite week of the year


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well my friends another year has passed and it is time once again for The Heroes In Pinstripes Fabtasy baseball camp. my dad has been running this camp for over twenty years and it has been a great honor just getting the chance to be a part of it. all the greqats are there from Yogi Berra to Mosse Skelron and Bucky Dent and even Mickey Rivers. if you wanna know more about it just look at my sig for more info. also if you live in the fort lauderdale area and are a big fan of the Real yankees not these fakes like A-fraud feel free to stop by and check it out for yourself. the camp is held at Fort Lauderdale Stadium from 930am to 330pm. ill be catching so if you come thats me behind the plate. the big camper vs. legends game is saturday nov 15 if anyone is interested in coming out and seeing their heros in action once again.. wont be able to be on muchthis week but will post pics at the end of the week.. so long and talk to you all whenever i can

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