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WTF kind of garbage is going on in the Giants/Eagles?

NFLs StepChild

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Eli's heel wasn't over the line so the fact that 99.9% of his body was far over the LOS is OK to draw all of the defenders in so he can get an easy throw? Oh ok.

Can the NFL go through it's rule book this year and put in some F***ING COMMON SENSE????!!!!!

That's the rule. EOS.

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It's an oddly permissive rule, given that the NFL otherwise has such strict rules as both feet having to touch down in bounds for it to be a catch, etc.

However, I doubt most defenders are really capable of judging the line of scrimmage that finely in a game, so I don't think a QB can purposely draw people in so easily then throw it over their heads. Maybe defensive players have a mental image of exactly where the line of scrimmage is at the snap of the ball, but by the time the play gets busted and the QB is scrambling around, the defenders only have a vague idea of where the line of scrimmage is anyway.

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