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Nugent or Feely?


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I liked what i saw from Feely today.

Im on the Fence with this one because Feely was inconsistent earlier in the season but seemed to settle down.

I say we keep using Feely until he fux up. If it aint broke, dont fix it.

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Feely He shown what nuge cant . CONSISTENCY , I don't have my heart in my hand when kicks. 2nd round pick :blowup:

Feely is not what I'd call consistent. He misses 30 yard chip-shots when they actually matter.

I wouldn't form a judgment on Feely based on the Rams game because there was no pressure on him. Friendly environment at home, daytime, good weather, and it was a blowout.

Feely's 5 of 8 from 30-39 yard FG's this year. All 3 in close games, and we very well might be 8-1 if he made those easy kicks. The last thing Feely should be labeled is "consistent."

Who gives a crap how long of a FG he kicks when we're up by 40 points?

He also had some line drive kickoffs to the 7.

Feely had a good game today under zero pressure. Otherwise, he sucks and is a choke-artist. There's a reason he was available to us when Nuge got injured.

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Feely has kicked like garbage up until yesterday other than getting a 2nd chance on the big kick in Oakland. Nuge will be back Thursday or for Tennessee on the 23rd. Feely will be gone or just placed on the inactive list just in case Nuge's injury comes up again or if he struggles. Nugent has the stronger leg and I trust him more in bad weather / cold weather than Feely.

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It seems that Feeley has gotten into a groove. I don't go with that theory that the

stars were in alignment in the heavens that there was no pressure, nice day, home

field, not a lot of wind and throw in he got laid Saturday night. He still could have

missed a kick.

Nugent the last two seasons sucks when the season starts. After being out for so

many weeks this will be like the season starts Thursday nite. If gets the call

for this big game who among us will feel confident that he will make field goals when

it counts. Go with Feeley for this game. It's big. Don't fk around.

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25 did he not miss the first one in Oakland before being clutch and missed three weeks in a row?

Exactly. People seem to forget about that now because it got wiped out. But those watching the game know that he missed it. You can't rely on the opposing coach to give you a 2nd try on your clutch kicks. He was lucky enough to get it that time, but that doesn't mean he was clutch in the situation. Powers beyond his control took away his choke kick.

He sucks. Nugent isn't exactly automatic, but he is a better kicker. Will he be better this season after such a long period of inactivity? That's for Westhoff to decide, and I'm comfortable with his judgment.

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