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Jets Sign Ty Law: MERGED


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I can't really imagine it being a problem.

The guy is coming in late of the couch, he's not the best corner on the team, and it's by a significant margin. If he plays safety, he's not the best on the team either. He's not going to be one of the top 10 highest paid players, and with guys like Jenkins, Faneca, and ahem, Brett Favre, he's not one of the biggest names either.

I think if he acts up, he'll be taken down pretty damn quickly.

Ty Law is pretty savvy. He will help your team, eventually. One thing I've noticed about Ty though - his ego hasn't slowed down any. ;) Wonder what he signed for? No way he signed for the league vet minumum. No way. He's 'gotta feed his family. I'm thinking a one year deal - 2 mil?

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Don't discount the possibility that Law is going to be playing a lot more safety than corner. Its possible Eric Smith is going to be hitting the IR. The guy had 2 or 3 concussions in a few week span and hasn't played since the last one. When you consider how much better Elam is playing than Smith was, they may feel better off IR'ing him. But then that leaves them very thin at safety, especially with Barrett getting more reps at CB again the past couple of weeks.

I hope you're right.

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Still trying to make sense of this move because I can't find it.

Law has no clue about the system, is old, slow, locker room cancer. People say he'll be a safety, but why should Elam lose his job since he's playing so well now?

So what about CB? Lowery has had his issues the last 2 weeks, but Law, who was eating donuts and drinking 40s on his couch as late as yesterday is going to be an upgrade?

I'm sniffing some desperation on Mangini's part. Belichick must really own him if Mangini things the roster needs an upgrade to face Matt Cassel.

i agree with most of this, but i think law is really only signed for depth and 10-20 snaps in the dime.

smith or miller is probably going to IR or coleman will finally be cut. if law isn't in shape he won't be active on Thur night. even if he is active my guess is you will only see him in dime package as an underneath guy.

if law gets in shape and shows he can still play you may actually see him in the playoffs.

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If Ty were a dumbass, I'd be excited about the prospect of creating, or lulling him, into some mismatch and taking advantage of it. You know, single coverage on Moss or something - I'd throw that pass every time. He's too smart though.

I'm telling yah, he'll play some nickle on Thursday and that's it. He'll play some safety in the future.

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Let's think this out.

1. The Jets are facing their heated rivals

2. In the biggest game in 10 seasons

3. On a short work week.

4. And Mangini has put Sutton in the position of trying to work in a just signed decrepid prima dona.

How does that make any ****ing sense?


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Law will wear 22 or 26. Miller switched to 21 and Chatman would give up his i'd say...

26 is Marcus Mason's number.

Law could wear 22 or 28, but I doubt the Jets will be handing out #28.

Hopefully Revis gives his "big brother" or "second dad" his number for the final 7 games, but Ty will probably suit up in the #22 jersey since Chatman is on I.R., it is available.

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