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Is This Lame?


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Since my college days were many years ago I'm not sure what to think of this but I'm going to call it lame as a senior is still living in a dorm. That is very lame.


Dear Barstool Sports,

My roommates and I decided to make a beer wall in the living/ dining room of our dorm the first weekend of school. I have attached the picture hoping you guys will put it on the site. It consists of 1060 beer cans and is made up of Bud Heavy (BC logo), Bud and Busch Light (blue background), and Miller High Life (2009). It took us a bunch of weekends to finish, as we stipulated that all the beer must be purchased by us and drank in our dorm room. A bunch of friends helped out, along with some family and other visitors. I would appreciate it if you guys put this up on the site, to pay homage to the Class of 2009 at BC. (This is what college seniors do when they can't find any jobs.) Thanks in advance.


I can hear my Bud Rep Scotty Diamond singing "For Boston, For Boston" as I write this. Anyway, I had to post this email. Not because I was curious whether people thought this was lame or not, but because when somebody asks me to pay homage to the Class of 2009 at BC, who am I to say no? I mean everybody knows deep down at places I don

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