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After CC, how about Burnett?


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In addition to Burnett, a name I haven't heard mentioned but who I would love the Yanks to sign is Raul Ibanez. He can be a much cheaper option than Tex at 1B or replace Abreu in the OF. His numbers would only get better in Yankee Stadium in that line-up.

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Burnett really is my second choice for a Starting Pitcher this off-season. Over Lowe, over Peavy, definitely over Sheets. Burnett owns the AL East, why the hell wouldn't you want the guy?






Because of the injury risk and the contract he's going to get is much more than he's worth. I wouldn't be unhappy if they signed him, but I fear it's going to bite them in the ass. I think people are overrating him because of what he did in the division, specifically against the Yankees.

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