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Who likes Taylor guitars?????


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Because I have one for sale!!!!!!!!! I'm not sure if it is appropriate for me to be trying to sell anything here as I couldn't find any rules for the lounge (other than no politics) so please excuse me and disregard if I'm breaking the rules. :)

Anyhow, the guitar is a 2004 Taylor 912ce....I'm getting ready to put it up on ebay, but I figured since there seem to be a lot of guitar players here I would give you guys a chance to jump at it first. The guitar lists for 5200+ and sells new for around 4000, if it goes up on ebay I'm reserving it at 3000 + shipping....if anyone here is interested I will take 2800 + shipping....It's in near mint condition with the only blemishes being a couple of small knicks on the back side of the headstock and a nearly invisible ding in the finish on the top of the guitar. I have pictures if anyone is interested....send me a pm....Thanks.

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