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This day in Jets history . . .


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Don't go calling me Buzz Killington but . . . thanks to the incredibly informative Jets wiki page here I just learned that the Jets have never won a game on November 13th.:confused:

Here is the list:

November 13

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  • 1966: New York Jets 3, Buffalo Bills 14.
  • 1977: New York Jets 0, Seattle Seahawks 17.
  • 1983: Buffalo Bills 24, New York Jets 17.
  • 1988: New England Patriots 14, New York Jets 13.
  • 1994: New York Jets 10, Green Bay Packers 17.
  • 2005: New York Jets 3, Carolina Panthers 30.

I had a bad feeling about this game before I read this, and now it's worse. Maybe it is all the years of this team ripping my heart out, or maybe it's because we already lost to them at home this year. Yes, I am a "doom and gloomer" who usually looks at the glass as half empty. It's my nature.

In the interest of bucking this trend I will be doing a J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS shot (Jameson's) at 8 pm and hope that everyone that is near a bottle will join me.

Please bury this motherf@ckin' pats team tonight and all the bad history as well so that my wife can stop telling me to "smile more."

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