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When was the last time Bryan Thomas touched a QB?

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High School, College?

This guy is horrible. Our pass rush was non existant last night.

This is Thomas's 4th year and hasnt improved since day 1. You're paid to rush the QB. The man simply can not do it.


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one things for sure he sucked ass this week =D> i dont even think he got close enough to smell Culpepper... that first quarter reminded me of the Rams game all over again... BT= mega bust the 3.5 sacks in 3 years says it all. lets play a game called predict the game Thomas will get his sack this year :D

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he had a sack last week. But thanks for sharing.


When was the last time he had a sack in a regular seaosn or playoff game?

BT might not be a bust in the strictest sense, but, the guy blows.

First round picks should have more to show in their four year career than 3 sacks.

Is he raw and talented? Maybe. Is he overpaid, per his production? Hell yes.

This will be his final year with Gang Green. No production, no deal. He goes.

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People are missing the boat on Thomas. He's a pretty good player who had his development stunted by that incident, some injuries and immaturity.

He played MUCH better last year and has shown well at points this year. I feel very comfortable with him in there.

Obviously he does not give you a dominant pass rushing presence. He may improve in this area. Marcin has a better bead on him that Carter did.

He's failed to live up to what Bradway envisioned, but for me, the criticism should end there. He gave us a solid effort last year in ABE's place.

He also has the potential to get a lot better and it would not shock me if he did.

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Thomas is clueless. He thinks his 265lb body can just bullrush his way into the quarterback. I thought he got over this last season, but it reared its ugly head again friday night. He thought he could just go right through the big tackle...think again. Use your head, trying gaining leverage on an oustide rush. Trevor Johnson is better than Thomas.

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