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Will the Jets offense?


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With Brad Smith at QB?

I remember we used it a few times against them on the road last season with some success, remember Leon had a 42 yard run. I'd rather we put Leon at QB and Jones next to him (We done that a few times last season too IIRC) and work from there. I wouldn't be shocked to see us utilize it in some way, shape or form.

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Oklahoma Gameplan= WIldcat?

Brad Smith = WILDCAT!

I'd like to see if what has been supposedly fixed by BB can be made broken again. With Adalius Thomas out, wildcat formations may be more difficult for the Pats LBs to defend. The Jets can put a pretty versatile wildcat package on the field with players like Leon, Stuckey, and obviously Brad Smith. And there's allways Coles and Cotch on reverses to be utilized in these packages too. Favre, of course, needs to be out there too, switching to a receiver position, with the threat of possibly getting the ball back, to throw a pass downfield.

Stuckey was a pretty good HS QB, and Smith was prolific at Missouri. So give these guys a real option to run-pass in these formations.

The focus of the wildcat should be centered around Smith. Every opponent pretty much knows that when Smith comes into the game, they need to be ready for reverses and bubble screens. Yet Smith is still averaging 11 yds per carry on his runs. He's been tough to stop from getting significant positive yardage. And in the run-pass option, Brad can throw a decent spiral, with accuracy and enough velocity, that can make this a successful play into blown coverage.

Some may say that these plays can easily be defended if the opponent is prepared for it. But you do need the right type of players on the field to successfully defend it(speedy LBs) . And Adalius won't be one of them. He's a HUGE loss, and especially makes the Pats potentially vulnerable to the wildcat again - like they were against the Phins.

The key here is specific game planning to take advantage of the Pats' weaknesses in the secondary and their slow LBs. To especially allow players like Leon and Brad Smith to operate in open spaces where they can then take advantage of their explosiveness.

I hope in this raining weather, that Schotty has some wildcat planned for those Patsies...me thinks it will work.

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