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WHAT THEY NEED: Three starting pitchers, a run-producing bat, possibly a catcher if Jorge Posada has any setbacks and, of course, to end their long, painful eight-year drought without winning one darned World Series.

FREE AGENT WHO COULD TOP THEIR LIST: CC. (What? You were expecting maybe Jeff Weaver?)

HOW THEY'LL SHOP: Hey, they're the Yankees. They've just lopped nearly $90 million off the payroll. They have a new gazillion-dollar money-machine ballpark opening. And you might have noticed they didn't make the playoffs this season. So if it can be bought, they'll buy it. They'll be all over CC, Burnett, Lowe and Teixeira. And once they get all that sorted out, they'll be all over the next wave of free-agent starters if they're not shopped out. They could even chase Manny Ramirez and Orlando Hudson if they really get lathered up. So in other words, they'll be a New York Post back page waiting to happen every 15 minutes this winter.

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