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Mets win baby!!!


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Wow, the NL really sucks. The Yankees are 13 games over .500 and are 3 games behind in the division and .5 out of the wild card. The Mets are 4 games over .500 and only 2 games out of the wild card.


Yanks would be having a tough time in the AL East.

Our division knocks each other off.

The AL East has 2 teams.

Don't even get into the NL East pitching staffs compared to what the Yanks get to tee off against.

I mean other than Santana and Rich Harden right now, what Pitcher in the entire AL scares anyone?

Looking at records to say one league is better than another is naive unless half their schedules are inter-league.

Pitching wins and the NL has the majority of the pitching.

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