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4-3 a better option than rush 3 drop 8?


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We ran the 4-3 and had much success with it during Matt Cassel's second to last drive. Jenkins had a sack and I think CJ Mosely (2 PDs 1 sack, dude gets his props too) had a pd there as well.

Also the Giants also showed it's how you neutralize the Pats.

In my opinion we should have kept the 4-3 going on that next Pats posession.

Your thoughts.

PS. CJ Mosely had a great game too. Respect.

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Yea Mosely made some plays...I don't remember the Jets playing 4-3 later in the game but I was pretty hammered at that point so whatever...I mean w/ Jenkins in the middle our convert DE's like Pace, BT, Bowens and the bust should be able to apply pressure from the outside while keeping a lot of dbs for coverage...I like it

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Oh, come on.

It took an absolutely egregious push-off (which I'm not complaining about by the way; if you're Moss that's the play you make) in order for the Patriots to tie this game on a miracle. The prevent is the perfect play call there. If the game had been played ten times in ten alternate universes from the last drive we would have won in regulation nine of them.

People are far, far too pessimistic about what happened last night. I can't imagine a more perfect win than we had - we got to grow up as a team as even luck conspired against us but we pulled it out at the end. Great, great win from a coaching staff and team that looks to be very good.

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We played 4-3 that second to last drive where Kris Jenkins sacked Cassell

I was at the game, and first I thought we had Mosely lined up as NT with Jenkins lining up as a DE, but watching the replay we had:

LDE - Mosely

LDT - Ellis

RDT - Jenkins

RDE - Pace

Jenkins was matched up on Mankins and completely blew him out.

Here are our results:

1st and 10 - Good push on the line. Got in Cassell's face and he almost threw a pick. Dwight Lowery should have caught that ball that was right at him

2nd and 10 - Great push Jenkins sacks Cassell for a 7 yard loss

3rd and 17 - Good push by Mosely on the right side. Cassell couldn't throw it to Ben Watson on the out

I'm not criticizing the calls, I'm just saying we should probably consider the 4-3 as a viable option when playing the Pats, they don't seem to protect it well.

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Calvin Pace was on the sideline screaming into the phone "let me get the QB". Thats all you need to know.


Sutton: We are still winning the game right now, Calvin. Thats not necessary.

Pace: LET! ME! GET! QB!

Sutton: We play the 49ers in 3 weeks, you'll get your chance then!

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