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Beating history, not just the pats


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i thought favre said it best last night when he said the jets had 'history' of losing these games.

while only one game, this is the game the same old jets lose 10 out of 10 times. blown lead, last minute adversity, and then a disastrous beginning to overtime. same old jets.

you could see it on the sideline, mangini is no bellichick, he doesn't exude confidence the team can believe in. yet with all the adversity and history the jets still pulled it out, thanks in large part to favre.

i really hope this game gives the jets the confidence to believe they are an elite team who can win the close games. 10 days until the titans.

the same old jets back into the playoffs at 10-6. this team needs to think about home field advantage and a first rd bye.

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