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Darrell Rasner... Traded to Japan?


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Right-handed pitcher Darrell Rasner, who started 20 games for the New York Yankees last season, has been sold to a team in Japan for $1 million, his agent said.

Rasner, 27, expects to sign a two-year deal with the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles of the Pacific League, agent Matt Sosnick said.

Sosnick said he and Rasner recently approached New York general manager Brian Cashman and told him that Rasner would like to pitch in Japan, and that Cashman and scout Hiroshi Abei helped facilitate the deal.

I'm not sure WHY Rasner had a desire to Pitch in Japan. I suppose for a 27 year old, it has to be better than pitching in AAA.

If Igawa was effective in Japan, Rasner should make a splash over there as well.

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