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Breaking news: Jets game Nov. 30 will not be at night

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Jets fans who have to go to work or school on Monday morning, Dec. 1, dodged a bullet late Monday afternoon with the news that the NFL and NBC are sticking with the penciled in Bears-Vikings game for Sunday night, Nov. 30.

Broncos-Jets seemed like an attractive possibility to be "flexed" into prime time, but instead it only will be moved from 1 to 4:15 p.m., a manageable starting time for fans . . . at least compared to the dreaded prime time slot.

4:15 game time.

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Posted by Michael David Smith on November 17, 2008, 5:36 p.m.

The NFL has decided not to use the flex scheduling option for Week 13, meaning Bears at Vikings will remain the Sunday night NBC game on November 30.

The only change in kickoff time for Week 13 is for the Broncos-Jets game, which moves from 1 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. on CBS.

The other big games on Sunday, November 30, include Panthers at Packers, Giants at Redskins and Steelers at Patriots. But the league has decided to keep those games in the afternoon and Bears-Vikings in prime time.

The league uses flexible scheduling on Sundays from Week 11 to Week 17 in an effort to ensure that the best games get the best time slots.

Wow. This is a huge shock to me. Thought for sure they'd love the Favre/Cutler and Favre/Madden thing. Favre alone, ****. Big surprise, but I'm happy. 4 is better than 8.

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That sucks!

1pm is the key cause for the west coast teams their getting up to go to the stadium at like 5am their time..

I don't think a single team coming west and playing at 1pm has won all season..

It figures it'd be us. BTW Denver is Mountain time, only 2 hours differance not 3.

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They only show night games over in Ireland?

No but the night games are ALWAYS on, guaranteed. They pick the games (Not always the best games, Jets-Titans isn't on this week either:roll:) on Sky Sports, two of the 6pm games (1pm your time) and two of the 9pm games.

Now that I think about it the fact that it's been moved to 4.15 gives a better chance to be shown, so maybe I'm wrong. The Pittsburgh-New England game will be shown for sure and they have to pick another, hopefully the Jets game.

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I have heard that Madden wants Favre on once Sunday nite,,rumor is now that to further placate Madden and his 'hate to travel' thing, NBC is gonna put Jets/SF or Jets/Sea as Sun nite so Madden wont have to travel.

week 14 when we play at sf, nbc currently has ne at sea,, but there is dall at pitt that day also

week 16 when we are at sea..nbc currently has sd at tampa,,also good that day are ariz at ne, car at gints, pitt at tenn, phi a twash..

i say he gets week 14 vs sf and shiitcans ne at sea..this way he totally stays home in bay area and gets favre

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