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jets after the pats game going in locker room!


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Pats fans are welcome to piss on this video. Frankly, I don't care.

If you're a Pats fan, you have your Time Life series of Super Bowl memories from recent years and yes, you are pissing in someone else's cornflakes. For no good reason, I might add.

It was a hard fought game that saw a team in the Jets that has been searching for its identity come out and play a great game. Was it perfect? No. This team needed to define its season. Is it a playoff team? If so, that all began with winning in Foxboro. It's not easy to win on the road in the NFL and this was a tall order. The Jets fought hard and it was an emotional win for them.

Say what you want. This team has been in need of a positive win like that, especially with Tennessee coming up this week. They deserved that celebration and it's good to see how many people came through that door with smiles on their faces.

To put it in baseball terms (as seems to be so in vogue here), I am not a Red Sox fan but I never begrudged them their time in the sun. They suffered for over 80 years. Am I going to stick it to 'em now that they lost to the Rays? No. Why should I? I'd stop wasting my time with the Jets and worry about your own team. Win with class. Lose with class. That's my advice. You're free to leave it if it doesn't fit.

Personally speaking, it was great to see the excitement.

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Thanks for the vid.

I loved watching it.

Aside from being a buisnessman you can see Tannenbaums real love for the game and his players.

As far as poster PISSKF or whater that Pats* clowns name is. I wouldnt have expected anything else but a cheap azz reaction from him. Just the fact that he even feels a need to post here speaks volumes.

Off topic.

Did anyone see Dustin Kellers interview on ESPN today? The kid is smart, engaging and really represented the organization well.

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It is not like you have a lot to choose from.


Are you serious? It was a good win. If it was week 16 or 17 that would be one thing, but there are 6 more games.

I am more amazed at your reaction.

Dude, I like you and I especially appreciate and respect your service to this country, but you are being a total dooshey in this thread. Nobody said anything about the magnitude of the win or that we are suddenly the best team in the world, it's just a really cool video of our players being as psyched about a win as the fans get. In a league where all you see are me first players like TO and Ocho Cinco getting all the headlines leaving fans disenchanted and synical, it's refreshing to see the players we cheer for getting this excited.

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