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"Two Weeks, One Thread" Edition of Post of the Week - December 4th, 2008


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Too busy for much jibba jabba this week, folks - I'm in Oracle hell. Damn you Larry Ellison...

On to the past two week's of nominations (okay, so sue me):


Topic: Herm blames his players

One could make that point that having no accountability is indeed being accountable. He serves as a leader with no transparency. Because he enables those underneath to understand the reality within, he empowers them. A less noble man would setup a hierarchical structure that rewarded and masked failures.

Therein lies the answer to the paradox of why they flock to play for him. They strive to be a part of something bigger. An organization that has no barriers. Where greatness is not only attainable, it is the only acceptable outcome.

Herm may not be the coach of the KC Chiefs next year. They just didn't have the talent to run his schemes. But have no doubt. Herm will be back with his core group of winners. He will reassemble in another city led by Jon McGraw and he will get the job done. That is the only thing he knows how to do. Winners are funny that way.

The Nomination: "Those two paragraphs to start the post were awesome. Max with his "hermspeak"" Gainzo

Editor's Note: ha haha hehe ha ha hehe - you said "winners", "Herm", and "Jon McGraw" in the same sentence...

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Topic: Who are we rooting for?

As far as where you stand record wise, of course it's irrelevant, but as far as where you match up in the league, it's very important.

The fact of the matter is, as Jets fans, we know Chad Pennington has made his living putting together these kind of seasons against poor competition, getting the fans hopes up, and then, when you actually have to play good teams (be that the following season or come playoff time) the wheels fall off. Because he (or more relevant to this thread the Dolphins) are not as good as you thought they were.

You're welcome to be happy about your 6-4 record, you should be. And no one is trying to begrudge you that. But when you say it's an accurate representation of where you stand in terms of the league, well then, some people are going to take issue, and point out the flaws in your argument.

As a Jet fan, I'm still waiting for this Sunday to get too excited about this team. If we get our asses kicked, then the reality is, we may (probably) still will make the playoffs, but we're not as good as a lot of us want to believe we are.

If we lose a tight one, we'll be disappointed in the loss, but at least we know we can take it to the other teams with the best of 'em. If we win, you may not want to log in for a while.

The Nomination: "Give it to Yellin" BP

Editor's Note: Pretty prophetic, huh?

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Topic: The IPOD Shuffle Game...

"4. God Bless the U.S.A.- Lee Greenwood" I'm as conservative politically as you could be, and I've grown to like some country music. I HATE THE FREAKING HACK CRAP SONG. Part of it is that it's a drippy, insipid cloying POS song, part of it is supposed conservative country club douchebags like the Bushes trotting it out every chance they get. If Bon Jovi was country, this is the kind of crap he would record.Also Lee Greenwood looks like he's the kind of sleazebag who buys 16-yeard old girls beer, and then hit them with a cloroform towel in the back of his El Torino.


The Nomination: "Gayest.


Ever." Lil Bit Special

Editor's Note: Wow - nice, um, shirt?

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Topic: Jets - Titans Official Game Thread

Well it is game day. I am putting my unbeaten streak on the line. The Jets are hot, the Titans are undefeated and this is a great match up.

You can watch the NFL.com preview. Last we saw the Jets they were looking pretty good:


Last week we went old school and we are going to stick with that theme. So please, don't call this a comeback. Mama said knock the Titans out...


The Nomination: "Max needs to be Nommed for bringing us victory today.

Max= God" Lil Bit Special

Editor's Note: ....pow, how you like me now....

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Topic: 'Genius' Chad Pennington earns respect...

Wow. I literally cannot think of a single way this post could be more wrong. Kudos.

The reasons these threads bother me are, in order:

1. They're troll threads started by troll posters for the purposes of trolling. These aren't legitimate discussion threads started by Jets fans, they're retarded "ZOMG CHAD IZ BEST BC FINS R NOT LOZING 15 GMS THIS YR D00DZ!!!!!!!!11one" threads started by trolls who feel the need to gloat because their team is only one game behind us.

2. They echo the herd mentality of the countless Jets fans who told us, year after year, that Chad was actually a great QB--all he needed was a top-5 defense, a top-5 running game, perfect pass protection, great receivers, a good tight end, brilliant coaching, and clutch FG kicking in every single game he played. Give him that, and the Jets are golden (if by "golden" you mean "he'll back the Jets into the playoffs and get blown out by a team with a real QB"). Fin fans look at a likable guy with great team spirit who rides a great running game to a surprising string of victories, and, like Jets fans in 2002, they start thinking "he's a great QB." He's not, like any sensible Jets fan learned from 2003-2007. I got tired of hearing that sanctimonious crapola from Jets fans 3 years ago--now I'm supposed to tolerate it from Fin trolls?

3. They open the floodgates for all the "I told you so!" Jets fans who think that Pennington's record-shattering 8 TD-5 INT season somehow vindicates their inexplicable support of him and "proves" that the 2008 Jets would have been in contention with Chad and not Favre at QB--not to mention the disturbing "I wish Chad all the best" sentiments underpinning many of these posts, despite the fact that Chad is a) no longer a member of the Jets, and B) currently a member of the Jets' most hated division rival.

The Nomination: "Nice.

Somehow it's come down to: if you root against Pennington while he's the Dolphins' QB, you're still a hater.

Losers = fans of Chad Pennington

Winners = desire more for the Jets" Sperm Edwards

Editor's Note: Ummm, no offense to anyone, but F Chad Pennington at this point in time. That is all...

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Topic: You suck Chad

oh yeah.. thats right.. i forgot .. he left of his own accord.. and ran to miami.

they didnt cut him the day of a preseason game.

yeah.. he should be slammed for not having allegience to the team that fired him.. and he shouldnt have taken a job with miami.. he should have refused on principal and hoped that he could have gotten another job...


The Nomination: "Absolute pwnage" HardKoreXXX

Editor's Note: All very, very true gg - right on the money.

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Topic: Jets ROMP Titans Today

Jets - 34

Titans - 10

Jets D dominates , Mangini eats a live chicken on the sideline & at some point in the game Jenkins will make Mawae cry & we won't get to see Javon Kearse hold up his 11-0 sign

The Nomination: "GREAT PREDICTION...ALMOST DEAD ON" PatriotsSuck17

Editor's Note: Damn, Nostradameus posts at JN, nice....

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Runnner-up of the Week II Sponsored by ButterBall

Topic: Eric Mangini has done a great job this year

This thread is about how Mangini has reigned in Favre and made him responsible. You ignored that and went on another rampage against the coaching staff. That's the truth, so deal with it.

The Nomination: "Do it Beans!

:rl:" BP

Editor's Note: BP: Done. ;) e - pwned.

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Topic: Is The Moving Of The Practice Facility A Reason The Jets Are 8-3?

Of course.

Forget Brett Favre, Kris Jenkins, Alan Faneca, Damien Woody & Calvin Pace. It was the ****ing facilities.

Quick, hurry up. Someone send them over 60 more of the newest Bowflexes so we can go undefeated next season.

The Nomination: "Funny." Sperm Edwards

Editor's Note: ...you'll need Richard Simons for that as well...


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Topic: No suspension for Matt Light

Matt Cassell called up the Commish late last night...

He was scared and crying.

He offered him 20% of his guaranteed money next year with a plea.

"Please don't take my left tackle away for the Steelers game. I'm fragile".

The Nomination: "the new guy gets a nom for this one" SoFlaJets

Editor's Note: A lot of good Light did for Cassell - he wasted his money...

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