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"Two Weeks, One Thread" Edition of Post of the Week - December 4th, 2008


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Topic: Herm Edwards Press Conference - 11/25

Dumbass, division opponents are only significant when you're in the playoff hunt. And it's a situation every team, whether young or not, goes through every season. Herm sees this as some sort of rite of passage that his team must go through. If it creates an additional challenge for your team more than it does for the opponent, Herm, then you're not much of a coach.

Herm has been doing this since as far back as I can remember. Spouts off stats that he looked up because he thinks it shows off his knowledge & therefore his upcoming wisdom. Memorizing a team's past stats doesn't mean you're going to be able to gameplan against it any better.

He's also big on predicting, to the press, what his upcoming opponent will do. He should paint one of his training camp signs that says, "We're going to stack the box & leave your receivers in single coverage all day. It's there if you want it." Dumbass.

They don't give up a lot of passing yards because they DO give up a lot of rushing yards. Not because they can't be passed on. For a guy who loves to show off the stats he looks up, does he not realize that every game that Oakland gave up low passing yards was accompanied by that opponent getting gobs of rushing yards? I naturally mean every opponent except the Chiefs, who got neither rushing nor passing yards against them.

What a softball question. "This type of offense"??? What type is that - the type that has scored in the teens or lower in 8 of their 10 non-Chiefs games?

He loves that term "gaps" - he never used it once for the first few years with the Jets, then he must have heard 1 or 2 other people say it & thought they sounded intelligent in doing so. Now he inserts that term at every possible opportunity.

Yes he would still trade away Jared Allen who has more sacks, in a down-season for him, than the entire Chiefs roster combined? Trying to build a team but a 26 year-old sack demon is not something good to have in place when building a team? And with all the cap money saved by letting Allen go to Minnesota, they used just about none of it & let the season play out some $30M under the salary cap. Good Lord.

Jared Allen already has experience. So it's better to draft an unknown and get that unknown experience than to have a young stud who already has experience?

That's like being happy the stock market is down because you can realize a greater percentage gain as it eventually goes back up over the next couple of years. I want Herm in charge of my portfolio.

They're closer to where he wants to be (a cover-2 base defense that is predicated on relentless pressure on the QB) without Jared Allen than with him. Mmm-kay.

Jared Allen, in his prime (assuming he even reached his ceiling at age 25)? Let him go.

Tony Gonzalez? On the downside of his career (by his own admission) at age 32 and publicly announced he wants out? Don't trade him for draft picks. Keep him & forgo draft picks.

My name is Herm Edwards. I assume that when all these rookie contracts come up at the same time that we'll be able to re-sign every one of them who's worth a damn. They couldn't possibly want to go anywhere else or play for anyone else when that opportunity arises.

Never missing from any Herm Edwards interview: ask a question to himself and then answer it.

Six sacks is "not very good for anybody"? It is outright the lowest total in NFL history. The record is the 1982 Indianapolis Colts who finished the season with 11. Of course, that was in a 9-game strike season.

That question would be better-answered by Jim Mora (Sr.): "It sucks."

Translation of Herm's answer: it's the players' fault, not mine.

Jared Allen IS a player. And he IS young. What, 26 years old is not young enough? If you're building a team you can't have any of those young building blocks older than 22? What an imbecile.

Draft choices don't make your team better. Better players make your team better. Hopefully you get that in the draft. But trading one of your own draftees, who has not only panned out but who is still very young & fits your defensive scheme in unbelievably perfect fashion, is not a player you let go of. Not when you're $30M under the salary cap before it goes up the following year.

They absolutely DO have an identity: they stink on ice & everyone wishes the Chiefs were on their schedule 16x.

The key is they're going to play together? That's only important if they're any good to begin with.

And using a team's lack of experience as an excuse, when that was what you wanted to do, is just friggin' cowardly. Any fool knows that you can't have a whole team full of non-veterans. Any fool except for the singular fool that is Herman Edwards.

"Identity" seems to be another one of his buzz-words that he repeats & thinks it means something.

We drafted a guy with a top-5 pick to do a certain job, knowing full-well that he has no measurable record of success at doing that job. Good God, he just drafted DRob again.

Herm still looking for his Warren Sapp. Warren Sapp was Warren Sapp. Just find some guys whose own talents are beneficial to your team, Herm, instead of trying to turn non-Warren Sapp players into Warren Sapp (Shawn Ellis & DRob = Sapp II and III; Jon McGraw = Lynch II; just like Herm sees himself as Tony Dungy II).

You gave away a GREAT player and in return you received prospects who may or may not ever pan out before you get fired. That is what you did.

What momentum did the Chiefs have going for them? Losing by a lesser amount than before? That's momentum?

And I always thought playing on a short field is when you have a shorter distance between where you are and the opponent's endzone. Apparently a "short field" is when you take over deep in your own territory. Thanks for clearing that up for me, Herm.

"Make plays" - I love it. I knew he couldn't get through an interview without saying it.

Getting the snot beat out of you week after week is how Herm thinks you learn to play in this league. Super.

1) What an a-hole.

2) He didn't say he's not interested in pursuing it. Chiefs fans everywhere can only dream of a day when he runs away.

And a great way to accomplish that is to trot out 3 rookie CB's. Just masterful.

Whoa - now they've done a pretty good job? They were the object of your blame - specifically singled out by Herm - whenever an opponent moved the ball through the air in one of his many Chiefs losses.

The Nomination: "Masterful work. Couldn't have been done without Herm of course, but I wasn't about to read all of Herm's nonsense so this is a great cliff notes version with commentary. A myst I believe it is called." serphnx

Editor's Note: No one translates Herm like Sperm...

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Topic: Herm Edwards Press Conference - 11/25

Who's the "you" that can see they're going to be a good football team - the interviewer? He just asked if he's worried about these guys knowing they're a bunch of losers with no hope in sight, so clearly he can't be that "you" Herm's referring to.

Last year is last year? Dude - you were AWFUL last year and have taken a step backwards from that.

Other teams may have gone through being unbelievably awful for 2 years (so far), but it didn't help any of them. Apparently Herm doesn't believe that success breeds success. He thinks failure breeds success.

You thought you were going to & that's why you ran away from the Jets, you filthy coward.

"I....me...I.....I....me...I...me....I. And I would be all too happy to follow up with your next question about me and the only two things I endure: successes and blameless hardships."

"What's great about this"???????

How are Chiefs fans this calm about this guy taking 1 year to dismantle the best offense the franchise has ever seen & then watch it getting even worse? And then taking a lackluster defense & making that worse at the same time.

That's two more questions that Herm asked himself. What's the total for this interview - five? There aren't enough questions asked as it is - Herm needs to ask himself even more questions & then answer them.

Your 3rd string QB is better than the guys you put ahead of him on the depth chart, dumbass. The whole country can see that. And you most definitely ARE using that as an excuse. Because the insinuation is that you'd be in a better position otherwise & you sucked ass before they got injured behind your ragamuffin offensive line. You can't anticipate they wouldn't get hurt - badly - behind that line? You'd think Herm never had a QB of his get injured before.

If everyone is on the same page and you've lost 18 of your last 19, then you should crumple up that page & delete it from memory. Just like you did with every bit of football knowledge you gained as a player.

I used to take pleasure in the woes of the Chiefs fans who tried to rub it in our faces that they got Herm from us. I can't even wish for that, even though he gives me oodles of material every week. Because no NFL fan outside the New England area deserves this sideshow.

The Nomination: "Part 2!

Herm actually seems to really despise Thigpen, probably because it's pretty hard to make excuses when your QB is playing at a top 10 level. This is also why I want to trade them some draft pick next year for Thigpen, Herm doesn't want him anyway." serphnx

Editor's Note: ...more good stuff...

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Topic: Herm Edwards

While I agree with your reasoning, I still think he'll get fired and should get fired. While everyone knew it would be a rebuilding year, I doubt anyone thought it would be this bad. Furthermore, where's the future of this team? They have 2 decent young prospects in Bowe and Albert. Beyond that they have nothing but garbage. Maybe Derrick Johnson is decent, but he's nothing great. Dorsey has been downright awful. I'm not talking "learning the ropes" awful, I'm talking horrible technique, flat footedness, no pursuit, can't overpower his man awful. One thing for sure, Herm has no eye for a good DT prospect. Herm put his eggs in Brodie Croyle's basket. Brodie was going to be the guy to rise KC and Herm to fame. Problem is twofold though. A-Brodie Croyle flat out sucks B-Brodie Croyle has the durability of a used condom.

KC's future is bleak. Very bleak. Nothing Herm/Carl have done has painted a birhgter promise of a successful future for them. They need a RB, QB, OL, DL, LB's, and an entire DB overhaul. Look at their past drafts:

2006-T Hali, Bernard Pollard, Brodie Croyle have all been JAGs or busts.

2007-Dwayne Bowe was a good pick, but thn they drafted 2 DT's that have both underperformed horribly. In true Herm fashion they drafted a Kicker!!??

2008-Dorsey has been terrible in all facets. I just don't think the guy is going to be any good at all. Albert was a very good pick. Flowers remains to be seen. I certainly don't think we'll be seeing him on or near the top of anyone's top 5 list of CB's, but it's hard to judge a guy who is playing CB on a team that gives opposing QB's time for tea before throwing the ball.

And seriously, do you guys realize that Adrian Jones is starting for them? The same Adrian Jones he tried to pimp out here. The same Adrian Jones that sucked so horribly that Mangini got him out after one season. Herm snatched him up in a NY minute, which is fitting since it's likely he wouldn't even be in the league if not for Herm. To Herm, talent is like good coaching, he wouldn't know it if it smacked him upside the head.

The Nomination: "excellently constucted argument for Herms dismissal" SouthernJet

Editor's Note: ...but you are not accounting for the 9 lives Herman seems to have - he's like a cat sweeping the corners and chasing chickens...

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Topic: Anatomy of a Play: Favre TD to Coles

Every Jets fan needs to watch that video. Thank you for posting it NY.

I am going to nominate Kevin Mawae for Post of the Week.

"I can't believe he got that in there".

Kevin Mawae, "It's Brett Favre, Bro".

That is the best quote ever. And it feels so good to have it associated with our New York Jets.

The Nomination: "The Nomination is for Kevin Mawae. "It's Brett Favre, Bro".

How great is that?" Max

Editor's Note: "It's Kevin Mawae, Bro."

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Topic: Are we gonna lose any key players this offseason?

This thread is akin to devouring White Castle while inebriated and instead of savoring those tasty little burgers, worrying about the havoc it is going to wreak on your digestive system the next day.

Live in the moment.

The Nomination: "great anal-ogy" SoFlaJets

Editor's Note:


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Topic: Mangini: best coaching hire in NFL over the last 3yrs

Yeah, you're right. Mangold and Ferguson both suck and Dustin Keller is just not promising at all. Oh, and Chansi Stuckey and Brad Smith bring absolutely nothing to the table. :rolleyes:

Tell me, is being a blithering idiot a prerequisite for being a Dolphins fan or does rooting for the Dolphins kill your brain cells more effectively than smoking heroin-laced crack?

The Nomination: "Best Dolphin bashing of all time!" Gainzo

Editor's Note: Damn that's a smack down...

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Topic: Revis And Clowney Hang Out With The Giants .WHY?

my 8 year old would be able to read the article correctly, and realize this does not mean they were all there at the same time together

and then she'd say

"big deal"

to me this means they probably all live around the same area and it's a cool place to watch a game

even if they did all go together, only a chick would think this was some sort of betrayal or in some way gossip worthy

from here on out, your delta tau chi nickname is "gossip girl"

The Nomination: "LMFAO!" Bronzey

Editor's Note:

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Topic: Our Practice Squad

Jehuu has potential. He can block run and catch ala richie anderson, so long as he doesn't fumble like him. And besides Jehuu would make an awesome chant. I can just see it now...Caulcrick busts one in from the two yard line and everybody screams J-huu? J-E-T-S, Jets Jets Jets!. You know, that's just gay enough to work. And afterwards, everyone will give me credit for the idea, and Caulcrick will show up at my door and hand me a check for 100 grand (royalties for the Jehuu? Knockoff T-shirts sold in the parking lot five bucks a piece or three for twelve) and I'll be loaded and get hired by a big P.R. firm where I'll drink martini lunches and get strung out on dope and way-too-skinny-white chicks who'll give me chlamydia and steal all my cash leaving me broke and my son will look upon me sadly like a demigod fallen and I'll be laying in the gutter as he just passes by and pretends I'm not there because I'm such an embarrassment to him and I stand up, walk out into the middle of fith avenue, arms raised to the god of all irony and scream with utter anguish...."JEHUU!". Eff it. I say we cut the bastard now before he ruins my life.

The Nomination: "Someone please get him some help now!" Lil Bit Special

Editor's Note: You got a 39 jersey yet, lance?

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And the winners (yes, plural):

And this one, too:

Congratulations to Sperm and Thor on their Post of the Week victories. I hope these two homos can share the badge as well as they share Ice Cream sundaes - using the same spoon - :puke:


Assist of the Week goes to Klecko73isGodfor stomping on a 'phin fan - it made me laugh.

Y'all enjoy the game this week - I'm gone.


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of course i didnt know you could nominate yourself :shock: <cough max >

You should have someone look into the cough. My nomination was for Kevin Mawae:

Topic: Anatomy of a Play: Favre TD to Coles

The Nomination: "The Nomination is for Kevin Mawae. "It's Brett Favre, Bro".

How great is that?" Max

Editor's Note: "It's Kevin Mawae, Bro."

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I feel your pain EY...I had to start sending candy-grams down to North Carolina before I finally won one

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