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The IPOD Shuffle Game...

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I did a Zune shuffle if that is acceptable to you almighty IPOD owners.

Ill Nino - If You Still Hate Me

Billy Joel - The Stranger

System of a Down - Patterns

Grizzly Bear - On a Neck, On a Spit

Yes - Mood for a Day

Completely unacceptable, you get a pass for a cool avatar though.

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Love and Rockets - I Feel Speed

Buzz****s - Ever Fallen in Love

Paul Simon - Homeless

Black Star - Yo Yeah

Siouxsie & the Banshees - Dear Prudence

Don't have one, but coming from somebody else's, this is actually a reasonable approximation of what mine would crank out.

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Five more.

Wire - 106 Beats That

Oasis - Live Forever

Van Morrison - Baby Please Don't Go

TV on the Radio - DLZ

De/Vision - Your Hands on My Skin

No idea on that last one. Sounds like synthesizers having gay sex in a trashcan.

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Radiohead-Everything In Its Right Place

Bob Dylan-Absolutely Sweet Marie

My Morning Jacket-Bermuda Highway (from the live Acoustic Citsuoca album)

Echofission-Watch You Breathe (sweet, my own band!!)

Ray Lamontagne-Still Can't Feel The Gin

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