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OMFG !!!!!!


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What we saw today folks was the birth of a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

That's right I said it.

It isn't even the fact that they went into Tennessee and beat the Titans. It was the way they did it.

Short, quick passes to neutralize the pass rush

Control the Line

and run the football.

The CS put together just a supberb game plan. The Defense was tremendous thoughout the game, and the Offensive line just killed Tennessee defensive line from opening kickoff to final gun.

Every player on that team deserves a game ball.

Enjoy the ride folks. We have watched this team really come together the past couple of weeks and right now the Jets are playing as well if not better than anybody in the NFL. (And that includes the Giants).

Bring it loud next Sunday folks when the Broncos come to town. The Jets are hitting the home stretch and right now they are looking great.

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