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LenDale White says he doesn't care


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I heard that clip on Mike and Mike...how many of us are so friggin happy we are fans of a team that DOESN'T....

still say "we're the better team" after losing to said squad

wear connected locks as bling showing off how great they think they are

have players who wear a certain number put a dash between them (Kearse 9-0)...there was no dash put between Chansi's 8 and 3

and have players like Lendale who say "I don't care" ??????

I will raise my hand to it all...I like what Jenkins and every other Jets player said on Post Game Live...they were all humble...from the coach to the QB to the best NT in the game to little Leon

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dear lord...they lose 1 game.....fans are booing them.....players are talking trash...THESE fans would NEVER survive as JET fans.....lol....:bwahaharoll:

....they would never survive in the Northeast. ;)

Did you have fun? You didn't sing any country tunes did yah? Probably not - they would have kicked you out of the city....;)

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