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Green Bay- New Orleans-who do you like?


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Brees is having an incredible year and the game was exciting until Rodgers started throwing picks.

Incidently, it's amazing how people in Green Bay still need to get their Favre-fix. On Sunday in Green Bay, there were 4 games broadcast. The Sunday Night Football game did a 11.0 rating, the 4 pm game did a 13.8 rating, the 1 pm game did a 6.5 rating, and the other 1 pm game (Titans-Jets) did a whopping 14.6.


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It's a lot more exciting watching the Jets than the GB Packers. I'd rather watch

Favre and have him bring some leadership to a team where everyone else steps

up their game around him. In GB the team has practically the same team as last

year and they were 13-3...now they're 5-6 and have more tough opponents ahead

they can easily lose to. Infact, next week they play the Panthers and after that the

Texans. Who knows, they may not even get in the playoffs since the Bears & Vikings

are staying at the top of the division.

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51 points, eh? Buffalo has how many this week? Jets won by 23??? Yet, it's the Pats that ran up the score? Do any of you see the absurdity here? Seriously.

Hey Garb, I agree with you. It's only the whiny Miami players who are complaining. The Fins ran up the score against the Pats earlier in the season and the Pats paid them back.

The Fin players should have manned up and stopped the Pats from scoring, not whine about it when they do.

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