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Vinny Testaverde holds the Jets all-time record of 29 TD passes (1998) in a season...


Will Favre surpass 29 TD's this season?  

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  1. 1. Will Favre surpass 29 TD's this season?

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2 vs Denver

2 @ San Francisco

1 vs Buffalo

2 @ Seattle

3 vs Miami


I voted no. Against Denver, San Francisco and Seattle I don't know that he breaks 200 yards, and I think he might get 3 TDs in those games combined. I think probably 5 more between Miami and Buffalo, that's 8 more total giving him 28 on the season. I think he will throw 3 more INTs total the rest of the season, so 28 TD 15 INT.

TJ will get 10 more TDs though.

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Am I alone in thinking that the week-17 "showdown" with Miami will showcase our second stringers, as the starters will be resting for the play-offs?

For that reason, I think Favre only has 4 games to throw 10 TDs...

2.5 per game sounds about right.

If we have a shot at the number 1 seed I think he plays until the game is won or loss. I honestly think we will have the 2nd seed locked up and that we will have a shot for the top seed come week 17.

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