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A Crap Ton of Jets Backgrounds for You


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Hey Guys,

Name's Doug, and I've worked for a few different teams around the NFL. Admittedly, I'm a Broncos fan through and through, but the Jets have always been my No. 2 team (my mom is from New York, but what can I say? I was born in Denver.)

In any event, In my spare time I find myself dinking around with graphics and making nifty new backgrounds. A fan of my graphics work, Jade Green, sent me over here to post what I have for you.

If you guys have any requests or anything you'd like to see, just let me know; I relish a challenge and love doing custom work. I can just about any type of graphics work you'd like, so whatever it is, just let me know!

Anyway, here are my backgrounds. You can find all my work at http://cotrackguy.deviantart.com.









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LOL ok, so it's always good to get feedback.

Two of those images are actually MADE for widescreen monitors: the Cotchery-Coles piece (found here) is 1280x800 widescreen format, as is the Brett Favre piece found here.

I never thought of the Brett Favre piece as looking like a "cumshot;" that comment definitely made me laugh.

I guess I may have been able to choose better colors, but judging from my downloads on my site (it's actually my second-most downloaded wallpaper of all mine up there) it's not thought of too badly.

Still, something to consider for the future.

If you have a particular screen size or resolution that you'd like me to work out for you, I'm definitely capable of doing that. Also, if you have Paint Shop Pro, I still have the PSP files for them so you can mess around with them yourself if you're into that sort of stuff (sorry, I don't have any Photoshop files). I'm more than happy to share what I have.

JetFan4Hire-- I'll work on a Dustin Keller piece for you, absolutely! Would you prefer widescreen or regular format?

Jetlag-- actually, a member of the forums (Jade Green, who tells me he doesn't post as much here more as he used to) found me on DeviantArt.com and made a request for "one of Leon Washington and Thomas Jones that says 'The Hustle and The Muscle New Yorks 1-2 Punch'".

So no, I can't take credit for the catchphrase, but I REALLY liked how Ali and the boxing theme worked into the piece. I think that's one of my proudest pieces.

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AVM-- no worries, after the Broncos win today (sorry, the only games I'll ever pull for the Jets to lose are against the Broncos) you can switch and start another streak. Hopefully it'll be the only game the Jets drop the rest of the season :D

jetfan4hire-- sounds good man! I'll get on it here. It may take me a couple of days to complete, but such is life. I'll drop you a PM as soon as I have it squared away.

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