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I left my heart .....at the Meadowlands SUNDAY...ANYONE heading to the LEFT COAST?


The Main lot opens at 9:15. Once we get through the gate, we will try for "H"!

We will meet at Executive Park @ 8:30AM

If you come later than 9:00, you will have to enter the Main lot by 10:10am at the LATEST in order to drive to our tailgate. If you come after 10:10, you will be directed to a specific spot. That's okay, find us and join us.

Executive Park is accessible on the Candlestick/Monster Park off-ramp. That's on Hwy 101; there is an exit southbound and northbound.

You all need to get WCO's (ted) cell phone number now!

That way you can hook up with us for the tailgate.

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No need to bow to me ,You need to bow to the Queen, Mrs. Brenda ,She has been to more Road games then me this year ,I`ve only made 4 of the road games this season.

You're slipping joisey, you're slipping. Where have the days of 6 road trips a year gone? ;)

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