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Ok time to be honest -


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How did you do in your fantasy leauges this year

I for one did a 50/50 made playoffs in one and not the other

JN LG 4 was on the outside looking in as the Teabaggers

but my other one was off site with a Mets board was wallowing in last place because I had Palmer and Hasselback as my QBS when a trade came up -- Kurt Warner and Jonathan Stewart for for Palmer and Willie Parker - this b4 Parkers injury - I pulled the trigger helping me win 5 of 6 and sneaking into the playoffs with the 6th seed

and it looks favorable for me this week --

how are you guys doing --


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2nd place in my big money league. 4 teams make the playoffs and only one has clinched. This is our last week of the season. There are 4 teams with the same record as me, 8-5 and only 3 playoff spots left to clinch this week. I am in 2nd place because I lead all the 8-5 teams in points.

My other 2 leagues I am 5 out of 8, in the playoffs, and 4 out of 10, in the playoffs as well.

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