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Jets-San Fran score


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26-24 Jets

Favre throws 2 pick 6's

Leon takes one to the house on a kickoff or punt.

Feely gives us the lead with 3:30 left.

SF marches down field. Jenkins gets huge sack with :35 seconds left.

Rhodes with game winning interception on the next play.

Jets win ugly. Fans not sure how to feel about the team.

Everyone hates Sutton even more after game.

Gamethread is sent to psychiatrist to analyze fans reactions to game.

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if we can just beat SF and buffalo then we set ourselves up to clinch against miami. we could even clinch in seattle, but by beating SF and buffalo we can lose to seattle and just beat chad to win the east which will probably be an 8pm game. therefore SF and buffalo are must wins.

with that said I say


SF- 17

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I just hope you lose because that makes the division much more conceivable for us at that point.

I think those of you that have predicted high point totals are dreaming a bit; the Niners are no slouch on defense. They can't move the ball worth a lick, though.

Jets 20

Niners 13

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