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McNabb isn't the only player in the NFL that doesn't know the rules...Jets too!


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From Jets players:

Q: How many points do you get for returning a blocked PAT all the way?

  • Calvin Pace, LB, Jets: "Two? Isn't that the rule in college?"
  • Kerry Rhodes, S, Jets: "Wait, you're trying to trick me. It's either two or none. I say none."
  • Nick Mangold, C, Jets: "Seven? I have no idea."
  • Dustin Keller, TE, Jets: "I think it's two."
  • Madison: "Two."

Correct answer: Zero.

Here is the entire article:


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When McNabb didn't know the rules, he was a dumbass. But now that some Jets don't, it's ok.

a QB not knowing OT rules is MUCH MUCH worse than a few players being unsure of a fluke play rule... most of them dont even play ST... its not even their job... McNabb needs to know how to control the clock... thats his job...

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So what's the diff? If you're a defensive player, feel completely free to block the PAT and knock yourself out running 100 yards to the other endzone. You won't score any points, but you'll have a PAT block to your credit. Plus nobody in the stands or at home knows the rule anyway, so you'll keep everyone in suspense.

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LOL at Mangold's response

Q: What's the maximum number of challenges a coach can make in a game if he's always right?

  • Clark: "As many as he wants."
  • Goff: "Two per half."
  • O'Hara: "Four."
  • Barton: "If he's right, why stop him?"
  • Pace: "Six."
  • Mangold: "I don't know. There goes my coaching gig."
  • Rhodes: "Three. You're not going to get me."

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Most of these rules are esoteric. Even the announcers don't know that you can't use a tee for a fair catch kick. Actually I didn't know that either, I thought you could use a tee.

But that isn't going to win or lose a game. Either is returning a blocked PAT, the refs will just whistle it dead, and nothing will happen. And what is a quick kick?

There is no question that a QB not knowing that the game will end after a OT period in the regular season is costing a team a game, and is much worse than this other stuff, that coaches really don't even need to go over.

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