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Man-up and admit something extremely lame about yourself

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if i were to get it on for the first time with some guy and i see he's wearing simpsons boxers....i would walk out. how old are you?

what the hell is wrong with Simpson boxers??

hell i wear freddy Flinstone vintage...

it's what inside the boxers that count;)

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Ten bucks says you two watched it together.

I once mis-quoted a player's salary cap figure.

Ha ha. Nut cheese. So much thought into the company & products, and all I come away with is how their food makes me think of some filthy dude's unwashed, moldy sack.

i have been known to watch the L word, once or twice

alright the whole freaking series..shoot me

While sitting in your Flintstone boxers........thanks for that mental picture. :puke:

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I constantly consider becoming a vegetarian. But have never even once come close to converting.

I converted in April.. :eek:

I've eaten more vegetables in the last 6 months then in the last 18 years, no lie...

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i'm a french canuck and i own a raspberry beret

yes i'm digging my hole deeper.....

on the side i have taken up antiquing and i love pina coladas

I am to.

I am not down with Pina Coladas though.

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Health and world resources. During the time when fertilizer was going through the roof and flour doubled, it made me realize how resource intensive it is to eat so high on the food chain.

Health wise, I have two little girls and have a job that requires me to sit on my ass most of the time. Figured it could only help keep me around for them ;)

I'm not an animal lover or anything..

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For health/diet reasons? I'n seriously condisidering making the switch, but am an lifelong and devout carnivore.

See above, yeah that was a big part. Obviously it's really healthy and I never, ever ate fruit or vegetables since my mother forced me as a kid. Was strictly a meat and potatoes guy and I don't know, hitting my mid 30's with two little kids made me think twice about eating like that and not exercising. I was also a life long smoker and quit that a few month earlier so I was putting on weight from that..

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