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The "Win a Friggin' Game" Edition of Post of the Week - December 11, 2008


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Could the dag'gun Jets win a freakin' game this weekend for a change? What a mess - I'm pissed. Just win. No excuses, no BS - W-I-N.

On to the nominations...


Topic: what's the best christmas present you ever got ?

My dad bought me a baseball bat when I was 11. It's not so much that a baseball bat was exciting, it's that he and I went to the sporting good shop about a month prior and I saw it there. It was wildly expensive as I recall, but I loved it and felt like I could never NOT hit a HR if I had it. At the same time I realized it was ridiculously expensive and saw a look on his face that it was just way out of his range (he was raising me on his own and money was a little tight at times). My dad hid the bat and well after opening all my presents, he pulled the "A Christmas Story" move and asked me what was behind the curtain. Sure enough it was the bat. I knew what a sacrifice that was, monetarily speaking. I didn't look at it so much as me being spoiled and getting what I wanted, it was more a lesson of sacrifice and just what my dad was willing to do to make me happy. I still have that bat.

The Nomination: "Great story!" crashingjet

Editor's Note: Excellent story - what a great dad!

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Topic: So How DO We Determine Who Starts This Week's Game Thread

Hey Jon,

No offense but I have no desire to meet your testicles. Thanks for the offer though. :)

Actually I have a 40th birthday party for a friend tonight. I am not sure I will be able to start this. I am going to try though.

The Nomination: "Post of the year....hysterical

Nice job Max" JonEJet

Editor's Note: Stop lying Max, you know you want to meet a differnt set of "the boys" that are not attached to Thor.

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Topic: How many of you have played professional sports? (before you criticize my opinions)

lol, sure you did. I even have your rookie NFL card!

Also, just to save the time after you falsify it, Shannon Sharpe played professional football. Should we make him the coach of the Jets? Should I take anything he says seriously? I'm sure Stephen Hawking never played football or any athletic endeavor in his life, but I should take Sharpe's football analysis over Hawking's?

You're a delusional little idiot that far overestimates your own important and analytic ability. Everyone on this site absolutely can't stand you. Yeah, professional athletes sit around posting on JN and having everybody hate their guts, because they are bitter, arrogant, unlikeable douches.

The Nomination: "This deserves it because it says what so many of us have felt about this guy :)" KSJets

Editor's Note: Damn, aec is gonna need a hug after all of this is over. Too bad none of us are allowed in his neighborhood - I hear it is really nice....

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Topic: How many of you have played professional sports? (before you criticize my opinions)

I was inspired.

Risin' up, back to the field

Did my time, didn't want to retire

Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet

Just a man and his will to gun sling

So many times, it happens too fast

You change your mind about retirement

Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past

You must fight just to keep them alive


It's the eye of the brett favre, it's the zip of the pass

Risin' up to the challenge of not throwing picks

And the last known gunslinger stalks his prey on the field

And he's watchin' us all in the eye of the brett favre

The Nomination: "POTW Noms are the only way to brighten my mood after another depressing loss." Lil Bit Special

Editor's Note: I don't know, I think this song is lacking a little zip...

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Topic: What's the upside?

There's no upside and there's never going to be a ****ing upside. Now, sit down, eat your bowl of **** and shut up like the rest of us.

The Nomination: "agreed" drago

Editor's Note: No upside? How can that be? How am I ever going to figure out how to wear my hat if there is no upside? Does this mean upside-down is now just down? Help.

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Runner-up of the Week Sponsored by joewilly because I think he's genius

Topic: Fan Appreciation Day next Week!!!

someone edited my thread title :happy0071::happy0071: cause it is sooo distastful to have all those **** in the title... children might be reading this .. and then go running to mommy and daddy and say what does **** mean.

honestly.. you are kidding me, right?????????


oh oops .. i guess my old hag is coming out..


The Nomination: "Hahaha" GreenBeans

Editor's Note: old hag my eye - I've seen the pictures. ;)

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Topic: 9-3 Tampa Bay @ 9-3 Carolina - Monday Night Football

Christ, I wasn't going to say anything.

But you gentlemen gotta add an "r" to "staring" in that Three Stooges sig.

It's too classic not to be perfect.

Unless I'm missing something?

The Nomination: "Jets Fans are so pissed off from sunday they can't even spell correctly in their sig bashing our coaching staff..." Lil Bit Special

Editor's Note: Spelling is not indicative of comedic genius. Football genius, however, requires proper spelling, grammer, and punctuation - shows how much we know around here, right aec?

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Topic: So My Newphew Lives in Charlotte these days...

Your nephew is Blackout?

The Nomination: "Bwahaha, JN gold in 4 simple words" Green DNA

Editor's Note: Blackout's related to JonE - that 'splains a lot....

Lil Bit Special has also reported this item.


Cmon.... this has got to be a winner.

Garb? Funny? Didnt think it was possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Editor's Note: How about Honorable Mention?

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Topic: Chad Pennington, MVP?

2007 Dolphins Defense - 30th in points allowed

2008 Dolphins Defense - 9th in points allowed

2007 Dolphins Offense - 26th in points scored

2008 Dolphins Offense - 23rd in points scored

The Nomination: "Penningtowned!" CTM

Editor's Note: Well, Chad always could manage a game when he had a strong runing game and defense behind him. MVP, not so much. Perfect fit for Miami this year - um - yup.

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Topic: jay leno to stay on NBC at 10 pm!

I know where you're coming from with the shows being destructive... seeing all the average-looking schlubs that get gorgeous women on TV gave me unrealistic expectations and made me miss out on years of scoring with a plethora of average to below-average looking women.

The Nomination: "There's a POTW Winner right here." Lil Bit Special

Editor's Note: A plethora is equal to 3? Damn, I had a plethora of "babes" then, too. Alright!

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Topic: Having to turn a car in

Agreed. Sec308 pretty cool of you to post like that. Always cool to see a fan trying to help out another fan.

The only advice I was going to offer was to call Suzie Orman.

The Nomination: "30,000 posts. Max deserves some recognition for this....

MAX!!!!!!!!! WOO!" Lil Bit Special

Editor's Note: Site owner AND 30,000+ posts. Nice work, web lord. :)

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Topic: Kerry Rhodes apologizes to fans

Tell Kerry Rhodes he can KI$$ My A$$, cause if being paid Millions of Dollars for working about 14 hours a week for 4-1/2 months a year isn`t enough to get him inspired to win a game especially when half the country is out of work and would be happy to get a job at McDonalds at this point,let him go out and get a real working persons job and lets see how inspired he is after that...

The Nomination: "Great post Joisey." drago

Editor's Note: Amen.

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Topic: Jets begin PSL assessments

Phil Mushnick said it perfectly:Then there's NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's claim that PSLs are "good investments." How so? They're not open-ended; one doesn't own a PSL for perpetuity. They last only as long as the new stadium does "in its current configuration," therefore the PSLs are leased, not owned. As those versed in real estate will tell you, ultimately the value of leased property increases only for the owner of the property, not for the party paying the lease. One can't sell their PSL at a profit as its expiration grows nearer. And over the life of your PSL, the team can just keep raising ticket prices, nothing you can do about it - unless you can find a bigger sucker than yourself. Heck, if PSLs are good investments, NFL owners would be eager to buy them from one another, not to sell them to you.”

You have to be a sucker to pay $25,000 for a seat that would have gone either for $5,000 or been left unsold altogether. What this really means is that prices have actually declined dramatically since the auction opened.

The auction has already told us this; the value of Coaches Club PSLs beyond the first few rows is likely somewhere between $0-$5,000. That’s it.

Sure, the prices for game day tickets are less expensive in other parts of the stadium, but those seats also come with far fewer amenities.

Based on the results from the first auction, some observers have estimated that some PSls have probably already dropped in value anywhere from 50%-75%.

Hold out and do not agree to buy PSls for the rest of the stadium at prices currently listed and prices for all other PSLs will begin to drop dramatically.

The Nomination: "Good info!" Max

Editor's Note: What a ripoff - the tickets, parking, concessions, jerseys, hats, sweathirts, and huge TV contracts are not enough for these owners and it is a disgrace...

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Topic: Giants stiff Plaxico $1 million

When I read your cap related posts I can't help but think that you never played a day of minor league baseball in your life.

The Nomination: "But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night." Sperm Edwards

Editor's Note: Hey Max, you are just two steps away from coaching on that level - that has to count for something, right?

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Topic: How long was AEC's NFL career?

if you play minor league baseball...it's not really considered professional. dumbass.

The Nomination: ":lol:" BP

Editor's Note: Techincally - if he got paid to play - he was a professional. I've gotten paid to umpire, so I consider myself to be a professional ump. Never you mind the fact that it was girls intramural softball, i got P-A-I-D and a date to boot. No night at the Holiday Inn Express, though.

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And this week's winner...


Congratulations to Spermie once again - I think we're gonna have to retire him and let someone else win. This list, though, is just classic SE. Wear the badge with pride this week, homie:


Assist of the Week goes to both Lil Bit and war ensemble - thanks for all of the nominations this week, you make this crap I do go.

That's all from me, folks - y'all be cool.

(one pissed off) gb

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