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Jim Rice.....Hall of Fame?

Does Jim "Ed" Rice get in?  

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  1. 1. Does Jim "Ed" Rice get in?

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Will Jim "Ed" Rice finally make the Hall in this his 15th and last time on the ballot?

Rice along with Tommy John are in their final year of eligibility. New to the ballot are Rickey Henderson (even though) he has not officially retired, Mark Grace, Jay Bell and Matt Williams.

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I made my argument last year. I thought he should get in last year and thinks he gets in this year.

The only new person on the ballot that could be an issue is Rickey.

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Not this crap again...NO! He was a very good ballplayer, not great. When I think of HOF players, I think of guys like the splendid splinter, the say hey kid and the Mick...Rice couldn't carry their jock straps.

And I don't want to hear he was one of the most feared hitters of his time. That is not a prerequisite for entry...he never won a HR title if that was the case. Greg Luzinski was a feared hitter as well.

Rule of thumb. If you have to think about it, then he shouldn't be voted in. Unless of course you're a Red Sux fan and then vote everyone in that played in bean town.

You are wrong as two boys fu...well you know. Yes, it is this argument again until he gets in, I will beat this horse until it dies. Deal with it.

Rice was the most dominant AL player for 10 years. There is no disputing that. I tore up every argument the naysayers had last year.

Arbitrary numbers like Max bring up means nothing after the roid era. Rice dominated his ERA. He deserves the Hall.

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You must be dreaming. I was in on that debate last year and you proved nothing...and nothing has changed since then unless Rice added some numbers to support your argument.

People make it to the Hall of Fame through either a period of dominance during a middling-length career, or being good enough to be productive over the course of a very long career. Clearly, the latter is not the case for Rice. Given the relative shortness of his career, he needs to go in on peak performance. And I don't think he makes it. I don't think that his peak was either high enough or long enough.

And again, if you have to think about it...well, you know the answer to that. It seems other than Red Sux fans like yourself, the people that have a vote have thought about it.

Opposed to the obvious Yankee anti-Sox everything you bring?

Rice is not in because he was an a-hole to writers.

Period of dominance.

From 1975 through 1986, he led the AL in 12 statistical categories.

Games (1,766)

ABs (7,060)

Runs (1,098) 2nd in MLB

Hits (2,145)

HRs (350) 3rd in MLB

RBIs (1,276) 1st in MLB

Slugging (.520) 2nd in MLB

Total Bases (3,670) 1st in MLB

Extra Bases (752) 2nd in MLB

Go-Ahead RBIs (325) 1st in MLB

Multi-Hit games (640) 1st in MLB

Outfield Assists (125) 2nd in MLB

4th in 3Bs (73)

4th in BA (.304)

What is not dominant here?

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C'mon. You know he just wasn't a dominant hitter like HOF'ers Paul Molitor or Tony Perez or Ryne Sandberg or Robin Yount or Ozzie Smith or Orlando Cepeda (also a convicted felon to boot), Luis Aparicio, Carlton Fisk, Nellie Fox, Billy Herman, etc.

Setting artificial thresholds like 400 home runs is silly. There is no threshold for that. There are different eras of power-hitting. Nowadays it seems unthinkable for a league HR leader (or 2nd-highest total) to hit under 40, but it used to be quite common when Rice played.

I really don't care whether he gets in or not personally. Baseball has lost pretty much all of the excitement (for me( that it had when I was a kid. I hated the Red Sox my whole baseball-watching life. But I just remember him as the best hitter in what was annually one of the league's most dangerous lineups. Baseball's HOF has been changed to the Hall of Very Good, or the Hall of Opinionated Importance for over a decade now. So who really gives a crap that Rice would be in there?

True. It is nice to harken back to an era when players were juiced with amphetamines instead of roids. ;)

He dominated all the way to no championships. He dominated all the way to a bazillion less home runs than Reggie Jackson.

Rice may have dominated. He didn't do it for long enough to be a Hall Of Famer. No worries though, Manny will get in some day.

Please show me in the Hall of Fame charter where rings are a prerequisite? It is not.

While Rice may have been almost 200 HRs behind (he also played around 700 less games), he was by far a better hitter.

Your argument is dumb. You want to knock him for his limited PS experience fine, but if you hold that as a measure. How many people are giving up plaques because they played during ERAs when two teams made it. Going to kick Ernie Banks out because he did not get any rings?

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You said he dominated. Players that dominate a sport often win rings. Doesn't always happen but I was responding to the word dominate.

My argument is dumb but the Hall Of Fame voters seem to agree with me. But my argument is dumb. Excellent point.

Like I said he was a good hitter. He played in the major leagues for 16 years and had 14 full seasons so that means his average season is 25 home runs, .298 average 100 RBIs and 20 plus doubles.

I can't find it but I would be curious to see what his stats look like away from Fenway.

He did dominate.

You made it about the rings.

If there were some World Series championships in there you could make the case that he was a winner.

Jeter gets in if he retires today. 4 rings.

He dominated all the way to no championships.

I just said that is not entirely true.

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PF --

I am sorry, maybe you missed it but this debate is basically over. Rice was a good player who had inflated stats at Fenway.

Eventually he will get in though. He will be in the Puckett, Rizzuto, Sutton wing.

Lock it then. :rolleyes:

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Cliff notes or bye bye.


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