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Blackout's rapper news thread [merged >20x]


best album?  

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  1. 1. best album?

    • Dr Dre "The Chronic"
    • Dr DRe "The Chronic 2001"
    • Wu Tang "36 Chambers"
    • 2pac "All Eyez On Me"
    • NWA "Straight Outta Compton"
    • Snoop Doggy Dogg "Doggystyle"
    • Notorious BIG "Ready to Die"
    • Eminem "Slim Shady LP"
    • Nas "Illmatic"
    • other - and you better explain

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Blackout just hates eminem because he is white.

actually I love to listen to Eminems old music, Infinite and Slim Shady LP are two of my favorite albums ever.

doesn't mean I have to worship him and not laugh when he gets killed in a freestyle battle and ends up using written lines he later released on a single

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player, give me some brew an I might just chill,

but I'm the type that like to light another joint like Cypress Hill

I'm steal doobies

spit loogies when I puff on it,

I got some bucks on it,

but it ain't enuff on it

go get the S-t. I-d-e-s

never the less,

I'm hella Fresh,

rollin joints like a cigarrette

so pass it 'cross the table like Ping Pong,

I'm gone,

beatin' my chest like King Kong,

it's on,

wrap my lips around a 40,

and when it comes to get another stogie,

fools all kick in like Shinobi

no, me ain't my homie to begin with,

it's too many heads to be poppin' at my friend hit it

unless you pull out the phat, crispy

five dollar bill on the real before its history

cos fools be havin' them vaccum lungs,

an if you let 'em hit it for free,

you hellar "dum-dum-dum-dum"

I come to school with the taylor on my earlobe

avoidin' all the thick teasers, skeezers, and weirdos

that be blowin off the land like 'where tha bomb at?'

give me two bucks,

you take a puff,

and pass my bomb back

suck up the dank like a slurpy

the serious bomb will make a nigge go delirous like Eddie Murphy

I got more growin' pains than Maggie

cuz the homies nag me,

to take the dank out of the baggie


I got five on it,

grab your 40,

let's get keyed

I got five on it,

messin' wit that Indo weed

I got five on it,

it's got me stuck and not go back

I got five on it,

potna lets go half on a sac


I take sacks to the face,

whenever I can,

don't need no cruch

I'm so keyed up,

'till the joint be burnin' my hand

next time I roll it in a hampa

to burn slow

so the ashes won't be burnin' up my hand, bro

hoochies can hit,

but they know they got to pitch in,

then I roll a joint that's longer than your extension

cos I'll be damned if you get high off me for free

hell naw, you betta bring your own spliff, cheif

wassup, dont babysit that

better pass the JOINT!

stop hittin' cos you know ya got Asthma

crack a 40 open, homie, and guzzle it,

cos I know the weed in my system is gettin lonley

I gotta take a whiz test to my P-O

I know I failed cos I done smoked major weed bro,

an everytime we with Chris that fool rollin up a fattie,

but the Tanqueray straight had me



hey, make this right man

stop at the light man,

my yester night thang got me hung off the night train

you fade, I face

so let's head to da east

hit the stroll to 9-0 so we can roll big hashish

I wish I could fade the eighth, but I'm low budget

still rollin' a two door Cutlass same ole' bucket

foggy windows,

smokin' Indo,

I'm in tha land gettin smoked wit my kinfolk


been smoked,

Yuk'll spray ya, lay ya down

up in the OAK the Town

homies don't play around,

we down to blaze a pound

then ease up,

speed up through the ESO,

drink the VSOP with a lemon squeeze up

and everybody's rolled up, I'm da roller

that's quick to fold a blunt out of a buncha sitcky dosia

hold up, suck up my weed is all you do

kick in feed, cause where I be's we need tab like a foo-foo

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Ha hah, the remix.. five on it!

We creepin in too, baby

{We got five on ery'thang mayn}

We got uhh, Dru Down; we got the.. LUNIZ! (Shock G, whassup?)

{Know it's goin together man}

Yeah, Richie Rich, E-40 (Spice 1)

[Verse One: Dru Down]

You say you got five on my tender, you can bend her over the table

But be sure that you bring my stallion back to my stable

Say, bruh? No elementary school ground playin

Not a five dollar bill, but five double zero on the real feel

I'm on the level, stayin mellow

No criticism from the fellows, hello

Being keyed durin a high-speed but still don't tap the B.B.'s

I'm D.D., Dru Down, baby

[Verse Two: Knumskull]

Like Nyquil, I drop fever; so either put your five up

or ya gots to "Leave It" like "Beaver"

Cause see a, niggy perkin broke'll smoke your spliff all day

Go home and buy big drinky with his pretty then parlay

I got five on the Hennessey, Seagram's, or 40's

Cause "This is How We Do It" like Montell Jordan

I'm from the Oakland City, Frank Nitti is a goner

Knum' blowin it up like Oklahoma

[Verse Three: Richie Rich]

Put ya feev' with my fin, best believe we'll bend

Mo' corners than you thought, to somethin writers bought

Mo' C-zacks? Believe that, tokin

Where you from? Oakland, smokin

In attempts to crack the chest plate

The zips be so fluffy, the whole town loves me

At every event I'm sacked up

So if ya need me, scream "Double R" when ya see me

Chorus: Michael Marshall

I got five on it {"Got it good!"}

Grab your fo', let's get keyed

I got five on it..

Messin with that endo weed!

I got five on it {"Got it good!"}

It's got me stuck, cannot go back

I got five on it..

Potnah, let's go half on a sack!

[Verse Four: E-40]

E-40.. why ya treat me so bad? 40 makes it happen

Fives gets slapped and revenue grows

from just a little bit of lightweight flamboastin

Potent fumes lingerin mighty clouds and Northern Lights

You expect to vick the baron

and you'll be violatin my civil rights

I'm startin to feel my scrilla

but perhaps today my scrilla ain't feelin me

For the simple fact that I'm off to the track with hella fools B

Pockets empty, pitchin five, man I'm dusted

Took off my hat, passed it around, man sprinkle me

[Verse Five: Yukmouth]

Me and E-40 to the head, comin fed plus, you let the lead bust

Ready to do a murda, mayn; perved off the Hurricane

Slurred again, witness what bein off two-fifths equal

Me killin people like Jason, facin death every sequel

(Insane in the membrane!) "Bring the Pain" like Method

Neglected, smokin kryptonite to the brain for breakfast

Guzzle the Hen-do, finsta do the evil that men do

Give me feev', I shall proceed to continue


[Verse Six: Shock G]

Yeah, it's been a while since I've hollered from the town

Mess around and heard Yuk and Knum, said I gotta be down

Cause new styles is goin down, look around you

Tunes from the Lunz spreadin round and round you

Back to get my O on, they let me flow on

The thirty-five on it, yeah, I'm on it

Still bringin satin for them drawers

Velvet for the mic and got a pound for the cause

[Verse Seven: Spice 1]

Rollin up cannabis seteva, hittin the Mary Jane

Smokin the five before it's tweleve o'clock, sippin on Hurricane

Ready to smoke on the endo; rollin up my window, fin' to go to the land

With a hand fulla broccoli, when it comes to the sticky I'm the man

Crush nasty I be hittin the J so hard I earl

Fall on the floor fittin to have a stroke T-H-C ain't no joke

I got five on ery'thing, let's get loaded and smoke

S-P-I-C-E about to hit it an' croaaaakkkkk



Yeahhah, whassup baby?

It's me, your boy with the kick that's always tight

You a little short on some ends?

Don't worry, I'll take care of that, I got five on that

I got you

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Have I ever told you my theory about how Weed should be legalized and booze banned??

Just think about it, it all makes sense. Stoned people are too out of it to fight or speed.

It's also less devastating to your health. Alcohol would be so banned if it weren't around that long.
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E-40 is a huge homo, dont listen to that stupid ass bay area garbage rap.

Hip hop came from new york and needs to come back quick.

this guy is a true homo I saw his interview and he kept telling the dude "Ya Smell Me? Ya Smell Me?"

what this dude is copping his style from a simpsons episode or something?

bring it back to new york.


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E-40 is a huge homo, dont listen to that stupid ass bay area garbage rap.

Hip hop came from new york and needs to come back quick.

this guy is a true homo I saw his interview and he kept telling the dude "Ya Smell Me? Ya Smell Me?"

what this dude is copping his style from a simpsons episode or something?

bring it back to new york.


Not that I'm a big e-40 fan or anything, but he's been rapping like that since before you were born.

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Rapper Snoop Dogg has been permanently banned from entering the United Kingdom, after a brawl in London's Heathrow airport in April.

Snoop Dogg and an entourage of almost 30 people were en route from Los Angeles to Johannesburg, South Africa, to perform at a major festival.

The rapper and other men became upset when they were denied entry into British Airways' first-class lounge.

A huge brawl ensued and seven officers suffered minor injuries.

Sources told AllHipHop.com that the Home Office banned Snoop from the country because of his previous criminal record in the United States.

Snoop had already been banned from flying with British Airways and police in the UK had issued him a caution over the incident.

Offenders do have the chance to be admitted under special circumstances, but sources said they do not apply to Snoop, who could lose millions in performance and appearance fees.


*turns on Gin n Juice*

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