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****official Jets/49ers gameday thread****


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Not sure if you know this... but as the season goes on you're supposed to get better. This is what good teams do, you know, SB contending teams. We're playing a 4-8 scrub team. We should BURY this team. Considering last weeks crappy performance this is very disheartening.

Exactly. Normally as a team progresses through the season & get's better, they should blow through teams like San Fran & Denver, but nooooooooooooo not the Jets.

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There's a difference between blind faith and realism. We have never done well at this. Go ahead, call me a girl, you're the dude with a shirtless Keller in your sig.

Im not a dude you f#cking douche. Justbecause you're miserable doesnt mean everyone else should be.

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Hate to say it, but Favre has become a one trick pony with looking for Keller.

The only thing in our way is ourselves, and we can get out of our own way. These are the games and points in the season that a true coach can rally his team and get on them and make them angry. This is the time a leader in the locker room grabs someone by the facemask and shoves their head into a locker. We don't have either of those. The deflating feeling from the Bronco's game is still happening and I've lost faith in this team officially with this game.

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