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We are a bad team. The Titans was a fluke.


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So was the Pats win. If we lose that coin toss, we lose the game.

Favre had a few good games, but beyond that, he's shown his age. He's not doing much to help this team. The best thing about him is that he got rid of Chad, hopefully we'll find a real QB soon.

Our receivers are slow, and while they may be tough, YAC guys, don't get open nearly enough.

We have 1 guy who can cover on this team, Revis, everyone else is very bad.

The 3-man rush is abysmal, and when we do blitz, it's predictable and almost always picked up.

The coaching is unimaginative and predictable. And the worst of all, they don't learn anything. Has there been an adjustment made all season? Have we designed a game plan that takes advantage of another teams weaknesses?

There's no depth.

Our best player is our kick returner.

We can run the football sometimes though.

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