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How many of you have played professional sports? (before you criticize my opinions)

Have you played professional sports?  

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  1. 1. Have you played professional sports?

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I know a little about baseball too. I had a friend who was a big baseball player back in high school. Man he could through that speed ball by you... make you look like a fool.

It was actually Eric Smith, posting under the moniker 'Darrellegivesmeaboner#24'.

Last year, I made it to the regional semifinals in the RPS World Championships. That Rock Paper Scissors for those of you out of the loop. That locker room was intense. One guy was al

Money definitely was drastcally different.. no question.. .. There is money paid, but it's not much. However, salary has nothing to do with how the game is played. If anything, the antics some of you guys want the coaches to do to "get the players motivated" would work on us poor folk, but not work on the guy making 10M.

The game is different.. the concepts of how you interact with coaches is the same.

Does it mean I know more than anyone else? no. However, when I have to hear idiots like ecurb tell me that since I don't think Mangini needs to jump up and down to be a coach means I must never have played sports is just nonsense.

lol. Someone should really quote all his posts, so we can have it all in a neat timeline and so he can't edit anything. He is trying divide and conquer technique on us now, that's high level baseball trickery right there.

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One small point I'll grant AEC that a few people around here don't seem to get; this is professional sports. This is a job for the players. They go to work every day in practice, camp, meetings, game days. etc. The season the workload is too much for any one great piece of oratory to change everything. It's an every day committment. Ans if Eric Mangini got a personaily transplant and started bustinmg up blackboards every bad game, it would be seen by his players as pathetic.

There may be some benefit to a decent rip roaring speech here and there, but the idea that some great halftime speech or going abtsheet on the sideline is gonna save the day in idiocy. We had 5 years of pretending a barnburner of a speech was going to make everything wonderful is laughable. It doesn't work. The next great halftime speech a coach gives in a losing effort will be a first, as will the next losing team with great chemistry. This is sportwriter hocus pocus, not reality.

And that may be a bigger indictment of Mangini, that he should be a better xs and os guy to the point that such "motivational speech" stuff is irrelevant ot the Jets' success or failure. It's kinda scary 3 years in a guy who came in as a defensive mastermind has a defense that not only sucks but is tentative rather than aggressive.

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No, I would have told you to meet me in the lot...and if you're a young chump like I think you are, I would have said to bring your old man. Understand now ass hole?

yeah, well, i don't live in new york city, or anywhere near it. so don't expect to see me anytime soon. dumbass. you are real cool :)

btw, im not young at all :)

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I was soooooooo f-ing tired of seeing mangini and his "sour" puss when the camera showed his ass

I just wanted to throw my phone at the screen

Your phone? What would that have done??

Nevermind, I thought that read: I just wanted to throw my phone out the window


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You haven't answered my question. Where do you live...my business lets me travel all over.

Dude, you need to stop. Threatening a kid over the internet does not make you a tough guy, it just makes you look pathetic. You know full well that nothing will come of it.

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Dude, you need to stop. Threatening a kid over the internet does not make you a tough guy, it just makes you look pathetic. You know full well that nothing will come of it.

I don't need the internet...I'm just sticking up for myself when this clown called me stupid.

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